MedicsRCM™: Cloud-Based & Transparent RCM Services

Get every dollar for every patient, and use your current EHR or our free Stage 2 Certified EHR!

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Optimizing the Business Side of your Practice

With a 99% success rate on first attempt clearinghouse claims as reported by Emdeon in 2014 - and with a comparable 2015 YTD rate - MedicsRCM is the safety net you need especially with its embedded ICD-10 coding tools.

MedicsRCM empowers your practice to obtain every dollar for every patient, improve cash flow, and reduce administrative burdens so you can focus more on patient care.

And, you can be confident in knowing that ADS operates with a remarkable, almost forty years of continuous industry experience in systems for billing, EDI, scheduling, reports and more. MedicsRCM clients benefit from the fact that most payers make their data electronically available in order for us to provide some of the EDI services described. Tens of millions of claims and EDI transactions are submitted through our systems annually.

When seeking to place your practice’s financial well-being in the hands of a revenue cycle management company, that company should be as solid as solid can be. That’s ADS and MedicsRCM…your very trusted partners covering your RCM needs.


3rd party systems aren’t used, and why that’s important to you

Revenue cycle management companies typically use another vendor’s software to handle their clients’ work.

MedicsRCM uses our own world class MedicsPremier PM and Medics EHR which are the same solutions purchased from ADS and used by hundreds of other RCM companies for their clients, and by tens of thousands of physicians at their practices. Since ADS developed, produces, sells, supports and updates the Medics Suite, MedicsRCM clients benefit in knowing that our systems are used to their fullest, most comprehensive capabilities for them.

We don’t rely on another company’s software because we are the company!

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Transparency is total with MedicsRCM, and you have free system access

MedicsRCM clients have free access to the Medics systems, to the extent they want.

Some clients like to have very hands on access to see patient information, schedules, reports, A/R, pending claims, and more whenever they want. Others prefer to have limited access, or no access. The choice is yours, but with MedicsRCM in the cloud, secure access is easy 24 x 7 x 365 for those who want it. In any case, MedicsRCM does all of the work!

Because we don’t want you to be in the dark, we train you on how we use our systems. That way, you can also see what we’re doing at all times. That’s the essence of being transparent, and the advantage our clients have in being able to access the software as well.

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Accountability Unlimited

Anytime system access from anywhere, transparency, reporting, review calls at least once per month, and maximized cash flow is what accountability is all about. MedicsRCM supports all of that. We are totally accountable to you in everything we do, and we give you the ability to see that for yourself whenever you want!

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Your claims don’t idle in neutral

MedicsRCM supports Same Day claim submissions

  • You’re assured your claims are submitted the same day the charges were incurred or posted
  • Claims are submitted on the very next business day when postings are made after normal business hours
  • With your Transparent connection to MedicsRCM, claim tracking can actually start that same day! Of course, MedicsRCM tracks them as well

Claims are re-submitted as soon as they become overdue based on the payer’s average payment time

  • Unlike some other RCM companies, we don’t wait for a specific amount of time to elapse before resubmitting claims
  • Your claims are automatically “red flagged” and resubmitted  the day they become overdue based on the payers’ average payment times
  • When that happens, the MedicsRCM Team is in contact with overdue payers to ensure claims that haven’t been denied are being processed

Denied claims are edited and resubmitted daily

  • Our system alerts us as soon as a claim is denied
  • Reasons for denials are also displayed
  • The MedicsRCM Team makes the needed edits and resubmits, turning denials quickly into reimbursements
  • Claim Tracking can be used as well in real time to view previously-denied claims that have now been resubmitted

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Key Features

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The MedicsRCM team worked diligently in organizing and setting up a comprehensive RCM protocol for FMMC which is producing extraordinary results. Our cash flow is solid, and the team is attentive and responsive. Thanks to everyone at MedicsRCM for all you do!”

Donna Buscarello, Practice Manager
Fresh Meadows Medical Care PLLC