With Almost 40 Years of Stability, and Thousands Users Relying on Our Systems, ADS is Here to Improve Your Practice or RCM Company!

Advanced Data Systems (ADS) stands out as perhaps the example of reliability and stability in an industry well-known for vendor name changes, mergers and acquisitions, and general uncertainty.

The ADS company name and ownership have remained exactly the same since the company’s inception in 1977. For almost 40 years, ADS has been focused on delivering superior customer satisfaction through the combination of:

 The Picture of Health in Healthcare Automation


We Work to Make Your Life Easier

From the Product Development team to Implementations to Training to Support, everyone at ADS is intensely dedicated to customer satisfaction. The people are the “heart and soul” of ADS and very much account for the company’s amazing longevity in the industry.


Customized Solutions for All of Your Needs

The ADSC family of software solutions offers unparalleled product quality, reliability, ease-of-use, efficiency, customizability, and is highly interoperable. The comprehensive feature sets are customer-driven, innovative, and continuously updated to ensure that they keep pace with the rapid change that characterizes the healthcare industry.


Always Striving to Improve Your Efficiency

ADSC remains a solid, independent U.S.-based company with U.S.-based Implementation, Training and Support and with U.S.-based New Accounts and Client Liaison teams who do not leave the clients alone! Its Client Liaisons maintain regular, ongoing, proactive, one-on-one contact with every client to help ensure the highest standards of client satisfaction.


Reduce Costs and Improve ROI

The Medics Suite’s affordability + ROI = increased cash flow and profitability for the practice. Efficiencies in workflow, reduction of paper, redundancy, and manual labor make the already affordable pricing that much more significant, without compromising quality of care.