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Get Every Dollar for Every Test with Proven
Medical Laboratory Billing Software

MedicsPremier for Clinical, Toxicology, Pathology, Genetics and Esoteric Laboratories has a nearly 99% success rate on first-attempt clearinghouse claims.  

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Comprehensive Laboratory EDI with Eligibility Verification

MedicsPremier supports instantaneous payer-based pre-test eligibility verifications, helping to avoid nasty surprises later. Claims to in / out of network payers with automated EOBs as well. Tight clearinghouse integration saves hundreds or even thousands of keystrokes per day.

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Real-time Claim Tracking and Powerful In and Out-of-Network Claim Denial Management

View your claims exactly as they appear in each payers’ queue as available by payer to ensure they’re being worked…not languishing. The system’s Denial Manager supports on-the-fly, single window editing and resubmitting of denied claims, including for those that are out-of-network.

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PAMA, Sales Commission Reporting, and Laboratory Reports

Use MedicsPremier to compile and report on your PAMA data. Use it as well to produce comprehensive financial and management KPIs, reports, and analytics and for Sales rep commission reporting and accurate accounting. Sales reps can use their iPhone™, Android™ or tablets for real-time access to their accounts and commission data. Virtually all reports are are exportable to Excel™ with drill downs into specific data fields for details. Reports can be viewed in a number of user-defined displays.

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Proper LIS Integrations and Data Conversions

LIS integrations result in a single, unified solution for any Laboratory; integrations with other systems, such as EHRs, are also available if needed, as are data conversions from existing systems.

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Features Built to boost Profitability

Automated Cascade Billing

For patients with more than one payer, MedicsPremier automatically submits to the next payer as reimbursements are received from previous payers without requiring staff intervention.

Customized Fee Schedules

The system supports fee schedules by criteria such as CPT or payer in a user-defined format as needed per user, or standardly per Laboratory.

Automated Patient Statements

Use system-produced patient statements or very economical offsite production of patient statements including e-statements which contain a secure “pay now” capability making the entire patient statement / payment process paperless.

Multiple or Single Locations

If client server is preferred, MedicsLab can be implemented on your server(s) to accommodate an unlimited number of locations and operate as an across-the-enterprise “roll up” system, or it can be implemented in a single location.

Cloud or Customer Hosted

Depending on what works best for the laboratory, MedicsLab can be deployed either in the cloud or in a customer hosted (client server) configuration.

MedicsRCM for Laboratories

MedicsRCM is available for laboratories that prefer comprehensive, outsourced revenue cycle management services. MedicsRCM has a team of billing professionals who know how to maximize laboratory reimbursements.

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Tamarac Pathology Group

“Robust financial reports really produce a great revenue forecast, and we can view the status on our claims in real time. Reports are configurable in many user defined ways. Implementing MedicsLab was a great ROI decision for Tamarac Pathology.”

Margie Martinez | Office Manager

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Russell Samofal DPM

Podiatry Center of NJ

See more patients. Collect more money. Generate more revenue.

Let us show you how you can boost practice profitability and productivity.

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