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Laboratory Billing Services

Concierge-Level Billing Services for Increasing Revenue, Alleviating your Staffing Issues, and Decreasing your Technology Costs

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True concierge-level approach to laboratory billing services

All billing companies are not suited to work with laboratories. That’s why you need MedicsRCM for Laboratories!

  • a guaranteed revenue increase
  • an outsourced workforce to alleviate your staffing issues
  • a world-class automation platform at no additional cost

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Transparent, end-to-end laboratory billing services

Our team of laboratory billing professionals and supervisors have centuries of combined experience and know the nuances and intricacies of genetic, molecular, clinical, pathology, toxicology, and esoteric laboratory billing and reporting. Operating securely in the cloud, MedicsRCM for Laboratories supports:

  • COVID-19 billing with HRSA portal connectivity for uninsured patients’ COVID-19 testing
  • eligibility verifications ensures patients’ coverage is in effect
  • our rules engine-driven patient responsibility estimatorfor advising patients in advance
  • insurance discovery option for patients with missing insurance information
  • automated prior authorizations option
  • CCI edits as needed by laboratories
  • proactive denial alerts through our Denial Preventer®
  • any other denials are edited/resubmitted within 72 hours
  • real-time claim tracking by our team; clients can track claims as well
  • portal option with secure online patient payments
  • balance-due texting option can drive patients to the portal
  • patients call us with statement questions
  • management/financial reports, KPIs, analytics, dashboards
  • sales activity reporting and optional self-serve sales portal
  • single or multiple tax IDs per your laboratory’s preference
  • LIS, LIMS, EHR, hospital, other system type integrations

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Connectivity to Your Data

MedicsRCM clients have unrestricted, on-demand visual and hands-on access to all of their data. Nothing is hidden or curtained. We train clients on the system we use - MedicsPremier from ADS - and encourage them to be involved to the extent they want. Clients can compile their own reports at any time in addition to the ones we routinely generate and review with clients.

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MedicsRCM and You!

MedicsRCM and our history of stability and reliability in the industry, and with ADS as a collaborated company since 1977 provides our clients with peace of mind in knowing we’re so well established. Contact us for more information on  how our Concierge-Level Laboratory Billing Services will help you optimize revenue and efficiency.

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How much does laboratory billing services cost?

We’re free! Here’s how:

  • laboratory clients’ revenue is consistently increased by 10% - 20% over whatever service or in-laboratory system they had been using
  • our +300 person outsourced workforce team of billing, claims, EDI, and workflow specialists is your insourced workforce as staffing has reached crisis levels
  • if you’re paying support or hosting fees now for a billing system or service, those fees will disappear

90 Day GuaranteeHow are we free? By increasing revenue – we actually guarantee to increase revenue in 90 days – and by supplanting staffing, MedicsRCM’s percentage vs. its return on investment essentially makes us a no-cost service for our clients. And if we can eliminate any existing technology costs as well, so much the better!

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