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Laboratory Billing Services

MedicsRCM for Laboratories: You Analyze Results…We Produce Results, including for COVID-19 testing!

All RCM companies are not suited to work with laboratories. That’s why you need MedicsRCM for Laboratories!

Why MedicsRCM?

MedicsRCM typically increases our clients’ revenue by 10% - 20% supporting maximized dollars for every test with a nearly 99% success rate on first attempt HCFA and UB clearinghouse claims.  

Our team of laboratory billing professionals and supervisors have centuries of combined experience and know the nuances and intricacies of genetic, molecular, clinical, pathology, toxicology, and esoteric laboratory billing and reporting.

Operating securely in the cloud, MedicsRCM for Laboratories supports:

  • LIS and other system integrations for a clean, fluid cycle of interoperability
  • PAMA and sales rep activity and commission reporting
  • other critical laboratory management and financial key performance indicators (KPIs), analytics, and data  
  • automated prior authorizations option
  • real-time claim tracking to ensure your claims aren’t being ignored
  • in and out-of-network claim denial management and resubmissions
  • payer-specific authorization alerts
  • eligibility verification to ensure coverage
  • automatic cascade billing to any ensuing payers
  • statements to patients immediately after all insurance payers have paid
  • patients calling MedicsRCM - not the laboratory – if there are statement questions; we get the calls, you get the payments
  • update reviews with clients to discuss reports and results, displaying system data for comparisons on a number of KPIs
  • multiple tax IDs or a single tax ID depending on your laboratory’s preference.

Connectivity to Your Data

Because your data is your data, we believe you should never be fully or partially disconnected from it, or be prevented from seeing any or all of it.

That’s why MedicsRCM also provides clients with Medics system training. We actually encourage clients to view their data to the extent they want, 24 x 7 x 365.

In fact, MedicsRCM clients can compile their own reports whenever they want, in addition to the reports provided by MedicsRCM.

Training also enables clients to use the powerful Medics patient database to lookup patients, edit demographics, insurance, and more.

MedicsRCM and You!

MedicsRCM for Laboratories, along with a solid, long-standing provenance in the industry translates into reliable service and results for your laboratory.

Contact us for more information on MedicsRCM* for your laboratory and see how MedicsRCM can improve your laboratory’s billing and reporting needs!

*From Advanced Data Systems RCM


"ADS completed our technology circle with their own technology and expertise for getting us paid so that AdvaGenix can continue to provide cutting edge genetic testing, ultimately helping to improve peoples’ lives."

Dr. William G. Kearns, President and Chief Scientific Officer