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The MedicsCloud Suite is a Powerful Financial, Operational, and Clinical Charting Platform for Outpatient Psychiatry

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Drive Revenue, Mobility, and Engagement with the MedicsCloud Suite for Psychiatry

The Suite, with the MedicsCloud EHR for charting, templating, and telehealth, and with MedicsPremier for billing, patient portal, patient engagement/mobility, and more, is ideal for psychiatry practices, groups, and networks.

Documentation quality is enhanced through intuitive workflows specifically designed for ambulatory psychiatry, enabling more time to focus on patient care.

Our development team works closely with mental health professionals to continually enhance our EHR and practice management platforms, and to ensure policies, processes, and controls meet or exceed applicable regulatory requirements and industry best practices. Clients can be assured they have access to the best-automated workflows to drive higher revenue and efficiency.

Out-of-the-Box Features that Enhance Efficiency

  • templates cover history, mini and comprehensive mental status examinations, and five axes of diagnosis with DSM and ICD code sets
  • an easy-to-use graphic tool designer helps in creating/modifying Initial Assessments, Progress Notes, Group Therapy Notes, Treatment Plans, and Discharge Summaries to suit your specific needs
  • optional Treatment Plans with extensive content from Wiley templates
  • our Android/iOS patient engagement module streamlines the intake process while actively engaging patients on an ongoing basis
    • assign clinical questionnaires and outcome measures, and allow patients to complete “paperwork” remotely before first appointments
    • push assessments to patients securely through the mobile app; providers can choose from evaluations such as PHQ9, suicide assessments, GAD7, etc., with patient responses automatically becoming part of their chart or flow sheet
    • present completed treatment plans for patients to sign
    • track patients for admission/discharge from hospitals where applicable
  • Speech-to-Text Notes: Our built-in Medics FlowText intelligently inserts data into the patient’s electronic health record as part of transcribing reports, completing reports in one pass
  • E-Prescribing for Controlled Substances and integrated PDMP (Prescription Drug Monitoring Program) by State:
    • Displays a patient’s Current Medications electronically
    • Medication Log by patient for complete history
    • Alerts for Drug Interactions and Insurance Formulary Checks

Ready to Use Platform for Ambulatory Psychiatry

While the MedicsCloud EHR for outpatient Psychiatry comes with pre-configured templates currently in use at multiple psychiatry groups and clinics providing you with a ready-to-use system, clients can always choose alternate templates or build additional templates to suit their needs.

MedicsCloud-EHR-tabletA typical set of templates consists of:

  • Psychiatric initial evaluation
  • Psychiatric follow-up/medication management
  • Psychotherapy initial assessment/BioPsych
  • Psychotherapy testing
  • Psychotherapy progress notes (both individual and groups)

An array of commonly used letters includes:

  • HIPAA notice of privacy practice
  • patient agreement and authorization for assignment of benefits
  • patient data and consent for treatment
  • certification for national security employment
  • jury duty, follow-up appointment, accommodation, work leave, and new patient appointment letters
  • PCP coordinating care, proof of appointment form


The MedicsCloud EHR is ONC Certified helping to ensure providers can obtain incentives (MedicsCloud EHR Certification and Costs).

The MedicsCloud Suite makes any outpatient psychiatry setting more efficient, enhances revenues, and streamlines workflows supporting clients in focusing on providing exceptional patient care.

And, it’s all available as an out-of-the-box, inclusive solution from one single vendor: ADS.

Contact us for more information on the MedicsCloud Suite for Ambulatory Psychiatry, or about MedicsRCM services from ADS RCM if comprehensive, outsourced revenue cycle management and remote staffing services are preferred.

"We are pleased to express our satisfaction with the MedicsCloud EHR, a clinical solution that has proven to be a valuable addition to our psychiatric practice; it’s a reliable and efficient tool that has positively impacted the practice.

The platform's user-friendly and thoughtful design makes navigating the complexities of patient records, treatment plans, and progress notes easier. Features of the MedicsCloud EHR meet the specific needs of psychiatric practices, enabling us to manage appointments, document sessions, and collaborate with our team more effectively.

The MedicsCloud EHR proved its adaptability during the unprecedented challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. A seamless transition to telehealth appointments ensured continuity of care for our patients. This capability was particularly crucial when face-to-face consultations were limited, allowing us to continue providing necessary services remotely.

What sets the MedicsCloud EHR apart is the dedicated customer support offered by Advanced Data Systems. The ADS team's responsiveness and expertise during implementation and ongoing system use have been commendable.

Moreover, we must emphasize about the MedicsCloud Suite's positive impact on our billing and collections efficiency. Its integrated features for revenue cycle management have streamlined our billing processes, reduced administrative burdens, and increased accuracy, all of which have significantly improved our practice's financial health while ensuring we can continue to deliver quality patient care."

Milan Joshi, MD - President

Joshi & Merchant, MD PA

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