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Healthcare Software that Automates Processes
for Busy Group Practices

Group practices require self-thinking automation that can support a master patient index (MPI), handle a single or unlimited number of tax IDs, and oversee any number of physicians, locations, and specialties while providing the data and analytics.

Electronic Health Records

Our Medics EHR supports the flexibility needed for group practices with its ability to handle multiple specialties if needed, its provider-defined “favorites” and templates, and with other time-saving features such as Medics FlowText for the way it creates transcribed reports while entering data into the patient’s record in the same pass.

Group practices stand to gain a lot by complying with Value-Based medicine’s Medicare initiatives such as MIPS, Chronic Care Management (CCM), and Transitional Care Management (TCM). The Medics EHR, which is certified for Stage 2 MU as required, will help gather and report on the specifics needed for each.

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Practice Management

The Medics PM is ideal for group practices in how it supports either a single tax ID or multiple tax IDs, for its Master Patient Index (MPI) architecture, and for its ability to handle an unlimited number of system users. It’s excellent for every specialty including Anesthesiology, Behavioral Health, and Radiology, and for HCFA, UB, Workers Compensation, and No-Fault. Medics PM’s centralized or decentralized scheduling and world class reports add to its powerful profile.

The Medics PM boasts a very consistent 99% success rate on first attempt clearinghouse claims and a myriad of capabilities to ensure being paid every dollar for every visit.

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Y + MP = PE

You + MedicsPortal = Patient Engagement

Part One involves Y -- the physician -- and how caringly the patient is brought into a discussion of the issue(s) at hand, the scenarios that could play out, and treatment options. Part Two involves technology. Our secure MP makes your practice accessible 24 x 7 x 365 giving patients a way to stay connected (aka, engaged).

MP provides unparalleled patient capabilities to self-serve from appointment requests to completing forms and “paperwork” online, refills, viewing approved informations, and editing their demographics. Even “chatting” is supported.

Clipboards and preprinted forms are virtually eliminated with MP.

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Are you Plagued by Underpayments?

According to HIMSS / MGM*, physician underpayments by their commercial payers is 4%-11% accounting for tens of billions of underpaid dollars annually. And no one feels the pain like group practices.

With so many payers, multiple contracts, and a myriad of procedures being reimbursed on, how could anyone know the minutiae on those reimbursements? But minutiae adds up in a big way over time:

  • What’s your group’s commercial reimbursements over the past 24 months? (Our Medics PM can calculate that instantly.)
  • Use 7.5% as an average against that amount; you’re probably in shock, and that’s just an average.

The fix is ADS and our Underpayment Recovery Service (URS) resource which will reconcile your underpayments and overpayments, and actually get you the difference less a very nominal fee.



“The integration between the MedicsPM and MedicsEHR works well from the point of scheduling an appointment to submitting the claim to the insurance carrier. ADS offers a variety of options to accommodate any type of medical practice, whether they are looking for just practice management, or EHR, or a combination of the two.”

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