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Medical Billing Software for RCM Companies

RCM Solutions with a 99% Success Rate on First Attempt Clearinghouse Claims.


Your RCM company's payment cycle is taking too long. You are concerned that too many claims are being denied because of human error or system error. What’s more, you need to ensure your software is ICD-10 compliant.

Our Solution

Our MedicsPremier system for RCM companies has a 99% success rate on all first attempt clearinghouse claims. And its built-in claims denial manager and the ability to track claims will keep your RCM company on its toes for your client.


99% Success Rate

Essentially the entire reason for an RCM company’s existence is to submit claims for their clients, get them through successfully on first submission, and get their clients paid. There is no question that other RCM services are important, such as providing reports and statistics, collections, and additional value-added services. But getting clients paid is the “cut to the chase” result…for your clients and for you.

ADS, with a remarkable, ongoing 99% success rate on first-attempt clearinghouse claims, means the multi-millions of claims submitted through our systems by RCM companies and medical practices came as close to having a 100% acceptance rate as can be found anywhere! Add that to the following system features, and it's easy to see why Medics Solutions Suite is the best system on the market for RCM companies.

Key Features

With our success rate on first attempt claims through our systems, it's no wonder why so many Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) companies rely on systems from ADS!

Medics Claims Denial Manager

The built-in Medics Claims Denial Manager, for the small number of denials that may occur, is elegant in design and functionality. Denied claims can be viewed any time, and as often as desired. Denial details are displayed allowing for quick corrections to be made, and then be resubmitted “on the fly.” The small number of claims that may be rejected can be reviewed immediately, corrected, and resubmitted in one pass.

Medics ICD-10 Code Converter

MedicsPremier is ready for ICD-10 whenever the new deadline date is announced. The built-in Medics ICD-10 Code Converter is a simple, easy-to-use mechanism that displays ICD-9 to ICD-10 code equivalents, either by the current ICD-9 code or by a text description of the code. The most appropriate ICD-10 code is selected and the claim is submitted in ICD-10 code format. MedicsPremier will have ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes available simultaneously for any payers who may still require ICD-9 codes after the ICD-10 deadline date.

Vision™ Claim Tracking System

The Vision™ claim tracking system displays unpaid claims that have not been rejected. Vision gives you a powerful tool for tracking as to when payments can be expected, and the status of unpaid claims in the payers’ own queues. Vision is a great “heads up” tool for advising clients as to when payments can be expected, and for the RCM company itself in terms of budgeting and cash flow.


MedicsPremier provides details on practice analytics, and can be integrated with systems that produce specialized business analytic dashboards. MedicsPremier presents data in easy-to-read formats and can also be integrated with a number of third party statistical dashboards if desired.


MedicsPremier’s architecture is extraordinary for RCM companies in how it securely and safely handles multiple Tax IDs through our HIPAA-compliant Entities.

Entities prevent the inadvertent mixing of patients’ data into incorrect provider profiles, or from providers accidentally accessing patient information that is not theirs to access.

MedicsPremier Entities neatly keep patient data segregated, yet users can change between Entities without having to constantly login out of one before logging into another (a common nuisance with other systems).

Patient data from one Entity can be easily inserted into another Entity should that patient become the patient of another provider for whom your company is also billing. There is no need to re-enter all of that patient’s demographics (another common nuisance with other systems).


In addition to Entities, MedicsPremier Directories are available if your company has clients with multiple locations or in some cases, totally different corporate names.

Handles Any Type of Billing

MedicsPremier handles virtually any type of billing for every type of specialty. This includes anesthesia, radiology, behavioral health, UB, Workers Comp, and No-Fault in addition to the full range of primary care and specialties.


Built-in financial and management Reports are comprehensive and robust and do not require expensive add-on report writing utilities. Hundreds of MedicsPremier reports are used for A/R, Practice Analysis, insurance reimbursements, comparisons, productivity, and so much more, including the ability to export reports to Excel. The ability to produce these types of invaluable reports to your clients reinforces the concept of being a full service company providing revenue cycle management services.

Audit Trail

A detailed built-in MedicsPremier Audit Trail automatically tracks system activity by user.


EDI includes claims to Medicare, Medicaid and hundreds of commercial carriers as well as automated EOB reconciliation and insurance verification.

Medics Appointment Scheduler

The very dynamic Medics Appointment Scheduler is available for RCM companies that want to make this type of capability accessible to their clients. Insurance coverage and “pre-certs” can be obtained individually or in batch format through the Medics Appointment Scheduler. For example, verifications can be processed for all patients with appointments tomorrow, next week, or by any user-defined criteria. Verifications take seconds, and patients can be notified by the practice in advance of any coverage issues or requirements prior to the appointment.

Medics OnCall™

Your clients can be remote users on the MedicsPremier system, including system access with our Medics OnCall™ capability for smartphone connectivity. Medics OnCall is excellent for hospital rounds or for general remote access to schedules, patient demographics, etc. You control users’ levels of access, from read-only to more expanded capabilities.


RCM companies can take advantage of ExpressBill™ which provides for a quick and seamless method of offsite production and fulfillment of patient statements for just pennies more than the postage. Even better, RCM companies can also utilize e-Statements from ExpressBill™ making the entire patient statements process completely paperless. e-Statements are sent directly to the patient’s email address (or whichever email address is provided for the patient) in secure, HIPAA-compliant format. They can be tracked as to when received, and whether or not they are opened…an excellent feature for collections.

Each e-Statement has a “pay now” button; patients can click-in and and obtain payment receipts via secure portal and obtain a payment receipts automatically, essentially automating the entire patient statement process. Statements returned as undeliverable to the email address are automatically reverted to paper, ensuring that a statement is sent regardless of format.

MedicsDocAssistant™ EHR

Our MedicsDocAssistant EHR Version 7.0 which is certified as a complete EHR for Stage 2 Meaningful Use can be made available to your clients, and be integrated seamlessly with your MedicsPremier system, whether in Cloud / ASP or Client Server (customer hosted) format.

Providers post procedures and diagnoses into the EHR during the encounter using the system’s automated Superbill. Posted data flows directly to your MedicsPremier system, greatly simplifying the process of getting billing information into the system.

As a Stage 2-certified EHR, your clients can use MedicsDocAssistant EHR to obtain the maximum Medicare / Medicaid financial incentives to which they are entitled.

MedicsDocAssistant EHR helps ensure your clients remain your clients. When they adopt a different EHR, your clients are much more likely to move to that EHR’s billing component or service.

ADS is available to host MedicsDocAssistant EHR demonstrations for your clients, either in group format or as one-on-one presentations. You are encouraged to be part of those presentations.


MedicsRIS™ is available for radiology clients of yours who are interested in a state-of-the-art radiology information system, also helping to keep them your clients.

You should also know...

  • ADS has performed both hundreds of data conversions from existing PM systems, and interfaces to existing / other systems.
  • The Medics Suite of EHR and PM solutions are available as Client Server or ASP.
  • The company provides quick Implementation, comprehensive Training and excellent ongoing Support which includes Updates.
  • System enhancements and version updates for requirements such as ICD-10 and Stage 2 Meaningful Use are provided a no cost as part of ADS Support.
  • ADS is a Healthcare Billing and Management Association (HBMA) Corporate Member.

ADS has been providing RCM companies with reliable, time-tested systems having a proven record of successful EDI transactions since 1977. We have an incredible record of stability and reliability in the industry, operating under the same company name and ownership since 1977.

RCM companies of every size, from those processing claims for two or three providers to those processing for hundreds of providers, and from single specialties to multiple specialties rely on automation solutions from ADS.

Contact ADS to schedule a personalized presentation of the Medics Solutions Suite for your RCM company. See the capabilities our systems can provide…we’re certain you’ll be impressed!

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