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High volume processing solutions for enterprise-level organizations.


You run a high-volume operation and need fast, reliable systems to handle all of your transactions and processes. Whether you are a large IPA or an RCM company, your systems must no doubt be able to handle multiple specialties.

Our Solution

MedicsEnterprise supports a single or an unlimited number of tax IDs in Master Patient Index (MPI) format for virtually any specialty including Anesthesiology, Radiology, and Behavioral Health, all with a 99% success rate on first attempt clearinghouse claims!


Enterprise | IPAs | IGPs | Large RCM Companies

High volume operations such as these have BIG expectations and requirements of the systems needed to handle their super high-volume of transactions and processes. That’s exactly why so many of these practice types and companies rely on MedicsEnterprise™.

Key Features

Full Support

The core elements of MedicsEnterprise support:

  • Specialty-specific ICD-10 and Stage 2 MU compliant PM and EHR
  • Unlimited number of physicians in multiple specialties, or in a single specialty
  • Unlimited number of systems users with role-based access
  • One single tax ID, or an unlimited number of secure tax IDs (Entities) that are easily maneuvered
  • Directories for organizations requiring separate practices within the organization
  • Single step voice-to-text-to-data entry transcription, and EHR voice navigation with Medics FlowText™ built-in*
  • One large location, or dozens of locations of any size using bandwidth economically
  • Master Patient Index (MPI) for identifying the correct patient among large numbers of patient records and demographics
  • A database that uses a variety of immediate crosschecks to produce an on-window display of potential duplicate patients as new patients are entered, effectively eliminating duplicate entries
  • Patient engagement and population health management tools
  • WindowOne™ architecture eliminates “needles in haystack” data searches and can reduce user mouse clicks by the thousands daily
  • Medics Audit Trail continually monitors system use and can be reviewed by Administrators as needed
      * Requires Dragon Medical™
Seamless Processing for High-Volume Benefits

High-volume practices benefit with the ability to process:

  • Superfast rates of multiple EDI transactions accurately, with a 99% success rate on first-attempt clearinghouse claims
  • A myriad of second-by-second PM and EHR transactions can be performed instantaneously, including compiling reports
  • Centralized or de-centralized appointment scheduling with workflow
  • Reports and analytics that can bespecific to one piece of PM or EHR information, or can include data from across the entire practice spectrum
  • Tax rate calculations and inventory management for practices with purchasable products
Supports a Full Range of Specialties

A full range of primary care and specialties is handled by MedicsEnterprise including anesthesiology, behavioral health, and radiology.

Built-In Tools

MedicsEnterprise contains the built in Medics ICD-10 Code Converter, the Medics Claim Denial Manager, and Vision™ Claim Tracking. Implementation can be in Cloud / ASP or customer hosted (client server) format.

MedicsDocAssistant V.7.0, certified as a complete EHR for Stage 2 MU is accessible in MedicsEnterprise for comprehensive, specialty-specific EHR. Integrations are available to other EHRs eliminating the need for physicians to abandon their current EHRs. MedicsPremier™ provides the wide-ranging PM features in MedicsEnterprise.

MedicsRCM™ is also available if comprehensive, outsourced RCM services is a preferred option.

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Contact ADS to schedule a personalized overview of MedicsEnterprise for your enterprise, IGP, or high volume RCM company. See why tens of thousands of providers rely on systems from ADS. 

MedicsEnterprise operates with the MedicsPremier™ PM and MedicsDocAssistant EHR as a single, unified solution. Based on needs, either system can be implemented individually as well, with HL7 interfaces to existing or other systems.


Client Success

Tony Comerford, PhD and CEO of New Hope Foundation talks about how Medics is used to automate their enterprise operation.


“An operation such as ours with 300 system users handling thousands of visits across the enterprise needs quick, reliable and dynamic functionality; we get that with the Medics Suite.”


Mike Christie, CIO
Health Management Corporation of America (HMCA)

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