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Anesthesiology Billing Services

MedicsRCM for Anesthesiology has an almost 100% success rate on first attempt HCFA and UB clearinghouse claims.



Why MedicsRCM for Anesthesiology?

With our track record for increasing clients’ revenue by 10% -20% and even more, we can offer a 90-day guarantee to increase your revenue as well over whatever service or system you’re currently using!

The MedicsRCM team has a deep understanding of the very specific nuances of Anesthesiology with:

  • base units linked to procedure codes for accurate results
  • variable units based on insurance for quick reimbursements
  • ASA crosswalk coding
  • start/stop times or time units
  • concurrency reports
  • CRNA billing
  • insurance discovery option for patients with no insurance Information

Transparent, end-to-end Anesthesiology billing services

The MedicsRCM team very much understands the very specific nuances of Anesthesiology while supporting:

  • ensuring your claims are coded for maximum reimbursement without over-coding
  • real-time claim tracking to make certain they’re being processed
  • quick denial management and resubmissions 
  • proactive denial alerts helping to avoid them in the first place
  • immediate statements to patients as insurance(s) reimburses
  • online payment options through our portal
  • patients contact us– not you – with statement questions

On the operations side:

  • clients have transparent, on-demand access to all of their data
  • comprehensive KPIsreports / analytics specific are provided
  • reports are reviewed with clients and are displayable in a variety formats and dashboards
  • clients can also compile their own reports at any time 
  • supports a single or multiple tax IDs and Master Patient Index (MPI) architecture

MedicsRCM’s system can be integrated with virtually any hospital system and EHR.

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"MedicsRCM dramatically increased our revenue and productivity in ways we couldn’t have done ourselves. And when COVID-19 hit, the MedicsRCM team, with their expertise and dedication, enabled us to maintain our ability to treat patients."
David Fischler, M.D.

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