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Streamlining with Cardiology EMR & Practice Management Software

The MedicsCloud Suite delivers clinical, financial, and patient engagement solutions to help boost your profitability and productivity.

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Transform Your Practice with Cardiology Software

The MedicsCloud Suite for Cardiology is detailed to meet cardiology’s specific requirements, from its extensive information-capturing templates to how the cardiologist can see at a glance either an overview of the patient’s past and present medical condition or specific details of a particular case.


Revolutionizing Patient Care​ with Cardiology EMR Software

Adopting an evidence-based approach, the Cures Act-Certified MedicsCloud Cardiology EMR enables continuous integrity of patient care.

  • MedicsPortal for patients to self-serve, and with secure patient pay online
  • Extensive cardiology-specific templates
  • Checklist of past/present patient issues, including CAD, IDOM, CVA, and other heart conditions, as well as those related to liver and renal diseases
  • Diagnostic equipment interfacing with INR table and medication tracking mechanisms
  • Palpation with PMI, auscultations, heart sound, and pulse functions
  • Our own Medics Telemedicine app for virtual encounters and additional revenue
  • Remote Patient Monitoring option with revenue for billing those claims
  • Existing EMRs can be interfaced with our MedicsPremier financial/operations platform if preferred

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Boost your Cardiology EMR Performance

The MedicsCloud EMR is voice-navigable and virtually hands-free thanks to our built-in Medics FlowText. Tediously having to place the cursor into the next-needed field is eliminated.

And when using a transcription system such as Dragon®, FlowText supports voice-to-text data entry helping to complete the encounter as you transcribe, in one pass.

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Cardiology Practice Management and Financial Software

The Rules Engine-Driven MedicsPremier platform works to get every dollar for every patient!

  • Eligibility verifications and out-of-network alerts on scheduling or anytime in advance
  • Access the Patient Responsibility Estimator on scheduling or anytime in advance
  • Get proactive denial alerts with our highly accurate Denial Preventer
  • A nearly 100% success rate on 1st attempt clearinghouse claims
  • Batch-verify eligibility again, if wanted, in advance through the scheduler
  • Real-time claim tracking to ensure your claims are being processed
  • Use the Denial Manager to quickly edit/resubmit any denials not previously detected
  • Interactive reminder texts for appointments and balances-due
  • Scheduler doubles as a powerful workflow processor
  • Task lists for staff to ensure daily work is on track
  • Compile powerful financial and operational analytics, dashboards, KPIs, and reports and export to Excel; reports can be named and saved to avoid having to recreate them, and can be user-defined and scheduled to compile

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Enterprise-Worthy Architected as May be Needed!

The MedicsCloud Suite for Larger Practices, Networked Cardiology Organizations, IGPs, IPAs, ACOs and MSOs.

  • Cloud-Based, or Customer-Hosted implementations are possible
  • Master Patient Index (MPI) architecture built-in
  • Supports a single or an unlimited number of tax IDs (entities) that are secure, HIPAA compliant, and easily maneuverable
  • Data views and reports across the enterprise, or by selected tax ID(s)
  • Roll-up reporting & interconnectivity as needed
  • Centralized or decentralized scheduling

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Cardiology Billing Services

If preferred, MedicsRCM services from ADSRCM provides comprehensive outsourced billing, revenue cycle management, and staffing, and guarantees to increase revenue in 90 days.

MedicsRCM also uses the MedicsCloud Suite to which clients have transparent, on-demand access to all of their data. The MedicsCloud EMR may be accessed, or clients can use their existing EMRs interfaced with MedicsRCM.

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“We really love the system. It’s easy to use, has created immense efficiencies, and has automated the medical and clinical sides of the practice. It is incredibly reliable and our only regret is not having implemented it sooner.”

Hazar Dahhan, MD

Connecticut Cardiology Center

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