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March 23, 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, we’re all being asked to make extraordinary sacrifices for the greater good in an effort to curtail the spread of coronavirus.  

You’re on the frontline of healthcare delivery, and are being tested like never before. The nation’s gratitude is with you as you persevere in that fight.

We’re solidly behind you in that effort.

Our first priority is in providing you with whatever is needed on the service, support, and technical side to help you increase productivity and efficiency, especially with telemedicine, which has quickly jumped to a prominent place in healthcare delivery, and with remote patient monitoring.

ADS itself has gone into “remote mode” with virtually all of our team members adhering to strongly suggested guidelines. This helps ensure you continue to be supported (again, our first priority) while it works to keep our team members safe at the same time so they can do exactly that.

We’re continually monitoring advisories from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization well as those of state and local administrations, nationally. Our cloud infrastructure, supported by Infinx, remains solid and uninterrupted, which is especially critical in a time when mobility and operating remotely is critical.

On the virtual technology side:

  • Medics Telemedicine is your conduit for bi-directional remote sessions making encounters safe between your providers and patients
  • our remote patient monitoring (RPM) option enables you to track patients’ blood pressure, glucose, EKG, SPo2 with heart rate, temperature, and weight in real time, issuing alerts as needed
  • MedicsPortal keeps patients connected with your practice, group or network in so many ways, including with bi-directional “chatting,” and with notifier alerts to patients’ iOS and Android devices about new or existing items to be completed or read
  • Medics Interactive Texting for reminders about appointments, including those for telemedicine sessions
  • providers can use their devices to check schedules, post procedures and diagnoses, lookup patient information, and more

Coronavirus has, without question, forever changed healthcare’s landscape in terms of remote connectivity and mobility between patients and providers. The ADS Team is there with you as we create even more mobile technology while continuing to support you in any way possible.

The ADS Team

March 18, 2020

Dear ADS Client,

Our number one priority during the COVID-19 health crisis is the safety and wellbeing of our clients and our team members so they can continue to work with you, and support you.

To that end, we’ve:

  • ensured all ADS team members have been equipped to operate remotely to support you
  • canceled all travel by ADS employees
  • locked down our building to visitors
  • rescheduled all in-building meetings to be virtual

Additional updates will be provided over the next day or so, but please know we are operating uninterruptedly through this crisis.

Please contact us at either softwaresupport@adsc.com or info@adsc.com, or by calling 800-899-4237, ext. 1.   

You are on the front line in helping with healthcare services. We wish you all the best, and we’re looking forward to getting through this together.

The ADS Team