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Gastroenterology EHR and Practice Management

Gastroenterologists and system users at Gastroenterology practices and RCM companies nationally rely on automated healthcare IT solutions from ADS! Here’s why:

Click-Free EHR Software for Gastroenterology

ADSC-Live-DemoThe click-free MedicsCloud EHR for Gastroenterology is detailed to meet and exceed specialty-specific needs with templates, content, reports, consult letters, and more, including images being easily attached to patients’ records for quick viewing.

Gastroenterology EHR Software Features

    • PDMP/NCPDP-certified e-Rx
    • Built-in MACRA dashboard for MIPS reporting
    • MedicsPortal keeps patients engaged and able to self-serve 24 x 7 x 365, and which includes a secure patient pay online link
    • MedicsKiosk lets patients connect online from your reception area; eliminates clipboards of paper and manual data entry by staff
    • Extensive Gastroenterology-specific templates built in 
    • Specialty-specific history, including past and current medical problems, family history, medications, and allergies
    • A dedicated abdomen window records and stores information such as bowel sounds, hepatomegaly, rectal problems, and other abdominal tests
    • Review of Systems (ROS) showing abnormal vs. normal baselines; can be attached to the record and shared with other health providers
    • Handwriting recognition for notations on images
    • System manages and reports on clinical trials which typically results in very significant revenue from sponsoring pharmaceutical companies
    • Our portal, kiosk, telemedicine, and interactive reminder texting are iPad, iPhone, and Android-enabled creating an excellent patient experience while keeping them engaged


The MedicsCloud EHR is ONC certified helping to ensure providers can obtain incentives.

MedicsCloud EHR Certification and Costs

Use FlowText to Boost your EHR Performance!

A function that has been a persistent nuisance with EHRs - getting text for reports and letters smartly into the appropriate fields within the EHR - is solved by Medics FlowText as a built-in capability within the MedicsCloud EHR.

Practice Management Software for Gastroenterology

Ensuring Every Dollar for Every Patient!

  • Obtain immediate alerts if the Gastroenterologist selected for the patient’s appointment isn’t recognized by the patient’s insurance
  • Pre-appointment batch eligibility verification ensures all arriving patients have been approved
  • Comprehensive EDI with a nearly 99% success rate on 1st attempt clearinghouse claims
  • Easy-to-use, built in Medics ICD-10 Gastroenterology code converter
  • Medics Claim Denial Manager for on-the-fly editing and resubmitting of denied claims
  • Real-time claim tracking ensures your claims aren’t being ignored
  • Know what they Owe™ Patient Responsibility Estimator built-in
  • Gastroenterology scheduler is a powerful management / workflow / financial tool protecting revenue in advance
  • Solid management and financial Gastroenterology practice KPIs / analytics / reports / dashboards
  • WindowOne™ architecture for reduced keystrokes and quick data visuals

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The Medics Suite for Larger Practices, Groups and Networked Gastroenterology Organizations

  • Cloud Based or Customer Hosted (Client Server) implementations
  • Master Patient Index (MPI) architecture built in
  • Supports an unlimited number of tax IDs (entities) or a single tax ID
  • Data views and roll-up reporting across the enterprise, or by selected tax ID(s)
  • Centralized or de-centralized scheduling 

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MedicsRCM for Gastroenterology

  • Ideal for Gastroenterology practices that prefer to outsource their RCM needs
  • MedicsRCM uses the Medics PM and EHR for Gastroenterology
  • Clients have transparent24 x 7 x 365 access to all of their data

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“We did look at others (EHRs) for comparison, and while a few called themselves “gastroenterology-specific,” none had the true specialty-specific power and content of MedicsDocAssistant for gastroenterology.”


Steven Gronowitz MD
Clifton NJ