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Enterprise-Level Management Company Relies on ADS to Manage Their Extensive Network

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HMCA's Journey

Health Management Corporation of America (HMCA) is a diagnostic imaging management services company specializing in operating Stand-Up® MRI facilities.

Formed in 1997, HMCA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of FONAR Corporation (NASDAQ-FONR). FONAR was created by MRI inventor Raymond Damadian MD.

At present, HMCA has approximately 300 employees and manages twenty-four (24) centers comprised of seventeen (17) in New York and seven (7) in Florida.

HMCA provides all non-medical services, including facility staffing, radiology support, billing and collections, credentialing and contracting, human resources, marketing, compliance, purchasing, accounting, office management, reporting, transcription, and IT services.

What does HMCA - a management company itself - use to help manage their extensive network of radiology and imaging centers? The Medics Suite for Radiology from Advanced Data Systems (ADS).

The Suite consists of MedicsRIS, MedicsPremier for radiology practice management, and the MedicsEHR for Radiology.

Kurt Reimann, Managing Director of HMCA, said “We have been relying on ADS and their Medics systems for over ten (10) years. That’s one of ADS’ key strengths: their stability and length of time in the industry. When HMCA began utilizing ADS in 2003, the company (ADS) had already been in business for over twenty-five (25) years!”

“The HMCA/ADS story has an interesting twist,” Mr. Reimann said. “For years, ADS was also the automation company used by Health Diagnostics (HD), a totally separate radiology and imaging management company.

In a business transaction that took place in March of 2013, all the sites that HMCA managed and nearly all the sites that HD managed were basically put under one management umbrella.”

Mike Christie, CIO, said, “The fact that both companies happened to use the same Medics systems from ADS made the technology integration seamless.”

HMCA uses the MedicsRIS and MedicsPremier comprehensively for radiology EDI, billing, insurance verification, patient statements, collections, A/R management, automated radiology EOBs (ERA), radiology-specific scheduling, workflow, and a wide variety of detailed, radiology-oriented management and financial reports.

Mr. Christie continued, “A radiology operation as extensive as HMCA’s needs quick, reliable and dynamic functionality in its systems and we get that with Medics. We are managing thousands and thousands of patient visits across the entire enterprise and millions of EDI transactions yearly. The Medics Suite has produced an immeasurable return on investment over the years. There really is no way to calculate how much their systems have saved us in time, effort and dollars.”

HMCA also uses the MedicsEHR for Radiology with a number of radiologists who have already attested for their Meaningful Use incentives.

Over three hundred (300) HMCA system users work in the Medics Suite every day on a variety of functions, from scheduling appointments to billing to compiling reports.

The system supports the work of a dozen radiologists and interfaces with MergeTM PACS, as well as Merge’s iConnectTM Access, HMCA’s referring physicians’ portal.

Mr. Reimann closed by saying, “Over the past decade, our ADS systems have grown right along with us. As we continue to grow, we fully expect that ADS will remain our automation partner.”

"The Medics Suite has produced an immeasurable return on investment over the years. There really is no way to calculate how much their systems have saved us in time, effort and dollars."

Mike Christie, Chief Information officer

Health Management Corporation of America (HMCA)

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