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Out-of-Network Payments

Belong to YOU, and then there’s the No Surprises Act!

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You probably have providers who are OON with patients. But did you know they’d be out of network in advance? If not, that’s the real problem for you and those patients. In fact, it’s one of the major reasons for the No Surprises Act.

But if you could get OON alerts while scheduling appointments, and even be able to select other providers who might be in network, that would be ideal. Even if there are no other providers, you and the patient would know from the start about OON status. And then your own financial policy on OONs could be applied.    

Our MedicsPremier platform, with its built-in Rules Engine and AI architecture will issue OON alerts on scheduling, and provide a listing of your in-network providers, if any.

If the patient has to be OON and funds will be sent to the patient (based on the insurance carrier), the system’s AI can issue precisely-timed reminders based the payer’s average turnaround time. For example, patients can be reminded a few weeks, and then a few days in advance.

Patients will no doubt be more likely to pay by (1) presenting you with their countersigned check, or (2) with their own check or credit card after depositing the insurance check, or even better, by (3) paying securely online through the MedicsPortal, or (4) by paying through their mobile devices!

Recap:  our OON alerts mechanism can help you comply with the No Surprises Act, and then by managing any OON patients!

"For the past fifteen years, ADS has succeeded in keeping us ahead of the curve and has brought us a range of important new features, significantly benefitting our practice."


Donald Scott Featherman, MD
Head of CCA Group

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