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Out-of-Network Payments

Belong to YOU…not THEM!

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So, What are Out-of-Network Payments?

You have patients who are OON.

No problem except when checks payable to them arrive in their mailboxes, and they’ve gone on a nice vacation with your money thinking it was theirs. 

Of course you can try to recoup it from them, but wouldn’t it be better for that not to have happened in the first place?

Stop that madness with our intelligent, hands-free feature for precisely-timed reminders to patients based on their payers’ average turnaround times.

You’d be empowered to start reminding patients say ten days/two weeks in advance, then a week or a few days before payment is expected, and then on the day itself.  The timings on these reminders should be user-definable.

Patients will no doubt be more likely to comply and cooperate by (1) presenting you with their countersigned check, or (2) with their own check or credit card after depositing the insurance check, or even better, by (3) using the MedicsPortal with its online payment option.

The other side of the coin: you’ll know within a few days if a problem exists with any OON patients and you can begin to act on that now rather than weeks from now.

Note: some payers may let you know when their check is sent to the patient. But it could be too late by then. You’ll want to have alerted the patient at least by that ten days/two weeks period as mentioned.

"For the past fifteen years, ADS has succeeded in keeping us ahead of the curve and has brought us a range of important new features, significantly benefitting our practice."


Donald Scott Featherman, MD
Head of CCA Group

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