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Patient Check-In Kiosk

MedicsKiosk: Your Clipboard – and Intake - Automated!

Revolutionize your intake with MedicsKiosk and the way it guides patients through self-registration using their iPads, iPhones or Androids! The practice may provide an iPad, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC for patients who don’t have a device.

Self-registrations do away with the handwritten sign-in sheets often visible at the front desk.

It then displays any remaining questionnaires needed for today’s visit, eliminating clipboards of paper which must be deciphered and then manually entered into the system.

MedicsKiosk supports electronic signatures needed for questionnaires and forms.

You patients use kiosks at airports, train stations, theaters, museums, and at restaurants. Now, they can use MedicsKiosk at your practice to enhance their overall experience, and yours!

Complete the form for to see MedicsKiosk, and see about all of the other time-saving, efficiency-producing, and engaging tools available with the MedicsCloud Suite!