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Time-Saving Pulmonology EHR & Practice Management Software

The MedicsCloud Suite delivers clinical, financial, and patient engagement solutions to help boost your profitability and productivity.

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Transform Your Practice with Pulmonology Software

Pulmonary practices and groups need an EHR that can handle sleep disorders, a full spectrum of intensive care, and pulmonary-related requirements including remote patient monitoring and telehealth.

And then, there are those complicated CMS initiatives.

The Cures Act-certified MedicsCloud EHR supports your Pulmonary-specific clinical charting and CMS compliance requirements.


Revolutionizing Patient Care​ with Pulmonology EHR

The MedicsCloud EHR contains custom templates for pulmonology as well as a specialty-specific review of systems and pulmonology-specific problem lists including for COVID-19.

And, it can be interfaced with pulmonary diagnostic equipment and almost any PACS for images.

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Boost Your Performance with AI-Driven Medics FlowText

Built into the MedicsCloud EHR and working with almost any transcription system, pulmonologists create their reports and have data input into the patient’s record in one pass creating immeasurable “on the go” efficiency.

FlowText also makes the MedicsCloud EHR hands-free by being voice navigable. Eliminates tedious cursor placing into the next needed field.

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Fully Integrated Practice Management Software

Our AI-driven MedicsPremier PM system - with its nearly 99% success rate on first-attempt clearinghouse claims - is ideal for pulmonology practices:

  • eligibility verifications and out-of-network alerts on scheduling
  • access the Patient Responsibility Estimator on scheduling
  • alerts on E/M coding and for NCCI editing when multiple claims should be bundled
  • proactive denial management with our Denial Preventer®
  • real-time claim tracking to ensure claims are being processed
  • automated EOB reconciliation
  • interactive balance-due texting option with online payments
  • specialty-specific appointment scheduling and workflow
  • interactive appointment reminder texting option
  • comprehensive financial/operational reports, KPIs, and dashboards, exportable to Excel
  • patient portal empowers patients to self-serve on a number of levels freeing your staff on time-consuming tasks

The MedicsCloud EHR and MedicsPremier operate as a single solution. Or, clients can retain either existing system type and interface with the specific Medics platform needed!

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Or, Pulmonology Billing Services if Preferred

Comprehensive, Outsourced Medical Billing and Staffing:

  • You’ll have transparent, on-demand access to all of their data
  • Consolidate your staffing issues with our outsourced workforce
  • MedicsRCM also uses the MedicsCloud Suite to which you’d have full access
  • Use the MedicsCloud EHR or retain your existing EHR interfaced with MedicsRCM
  • We provide comprehensive reporting and reviews with clients
  • Generate your own reports at any time to the extent you want

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"There was almost an immediate uptick in revenue which was extraordinary."
David Fischler, M.D.

Pulmonary and Intensive Care Specialists of NJ

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