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Certified for Stage 2 Meaningful Use, MedicsDocAssistant Electronic Health Records system is excellent for MACRA and other CMS initiatives. 

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Streamlined Workflow

ADS’ own WindowOne architecture places needed data at the user’s fingertips in virtually every MedicsDocAssistant window view, dramatically reducing keystrokes and mouse clicks and optimizing encounter capture. Workflow is increased as bottlenecks are eliminated. Additionally, the system operates in real-time with newly inputted data being seen across the enterprise by all authorized users, as it happens.

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Faster Charting

Revolutionize clinical encounters with Medics FlowText by creating your transcribed reports while FlowText inputs data intelligently into the patient’s record in one pass! Working with Dragon Medical™, Medics FlowText also enables voice command navigation throughout the EHR. Medics FlowText is a game changer by mimicking what an actual transcription service does while supporting voice-to-text-to-data entry. And, it's a built-in capability in MedicsDocAssistant EHR.

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Easy Electronic Prescribing & Lab Orders

MedicsDocAssistant is integrated with a number of labs for the bi-directional transmission of orders and results. Even more, labs can be embedded and have their own tabs in MedicsDocAssistant EHR. Physicians are notified when lab results come back for patients, and can obtain special alerts when results are out of normal ranges.

MedicsRx electronic prescribing also has a comprehensive medication management capability that tracks medications prescribed to patients, dosages and refills. It’s also able to provide alerts on allergies, interactions, and formulary coverage.

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Specialty-Specific Templates

MedicsDocAssistant EHR is customized for the unique needs of your practice. The system contains templates and content needed for your specialty or specialties, and are user-defined to suit each physician’s personal preferences or “favorites” for commonly-needed selections. And, lab orders and e-Rx are completed with a few taps or clicks.

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Value-Based Care Success

Certified for Stage 2 Meaningful Use, MedicsDocAssistant is excellent for MACRA and other lucrative CMS initiatives such as Comprehensive Care Management (CCM) and Transitional Care Management (TCM). Practices can also go for the certifications needed for Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and CPC+ status.

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“MedicsDocAssistant has helped remarkably in eliminating redundancy, paperwork, and having to rifle through patient files to find needed information. Everything we need to see relative to the patient’s medical or clinical information is stored neatly on the patient’s record. That also includes things such as images, digitally handwritten clinical notations on those images, and reports to referring physicians.”

Stuart J. Fischer, MD - Summit Orthopedics

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Cinical Trials

MedicsDocAssistant EHR is successfully utilized by medical practices to track clinical trials and to report on clinical trial data as required. Practices can help patients who are candidates for clinical trials; practices can often obtain very significant clinical trials revenue.

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ICD-10 Coding Converter

The Medics ICD-10 Code Converter is a simple, easy-to-use mechanism that displays ICD-10 code equivalents either by the current ICD-9 code or by a text description of the code. The Medics ICD-10 Coding Converter is accessible as a no cost, built-in capability.

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Patient Engagement

MedicsDocAssistant gives your patients a secure 24 x 7 x 365 connection to the practice for accessing their data and communicating with your staff. Patients can use the portal to request appointments and prescription refills, view lab results, and more.

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