Patient Portal

Make your Practice Accessible to Happy Patients with MedicsPortal

With the MedicsPortal using secure internet connectivity and password protection, your patients can go online at their convenience to complete questionnaires and “paperwork." Improve productivity and increase patient satisfaction by speeding up the Waiting-Room process.

No Clipboards, No Paperwork, No Problem!

Your patients arrive for their appointments; there are no more clipboards, no paperwork, no manual transcribing into the system, and no more environmentally unfriendly thick envelopes of unsightly paper that has been photocopied into oblivion.

Instead, your patients will have entered their information directly into their MedicsDocAssistant EHR record themselves…not by your staff!

Give Your Patients Control

Patients can also use the portal to schedule appointments, request prescription refills, view lab results, and more. In essence, the portal gives patients the ability to do much of their own work.

Additionally, MedicsPortal provides for an easy and secure way for patients to transmit messages to the practice and providers, and vice versa, without having to spend hours of time on the phone. Alerts such as appointment reminders, lab results becoming available, and more can be transformed into quick, electronically secure messages that are being tracked and documented in the system.

The practice always has the ability to control the types and levels of capabilities to be extended to patients by the MedicsPortal.


MedicsKiosk™ is used in the waiting room via tablet, laptop, or desktop PC. MedicsKiosk™ is ideal for elderly patients who arrive with a relative or caregiver who, or for any patient who, did not use MedicsPortal in advance.

MedicsPortal and MedicsKiosk™ will provide incredible efficiencies to your practice and patients. It will do something else as well: portray your practice as one that is built on technology and progress…not one that still relies on handwritten paperwork. Your patients will definitely appreciate that.

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MedicsPortal Demo