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How a Radiology Practice Remains in the Forefront of Automation Technology

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Greenwich Radiological Group's Journey

Greenwich Radiological Group (GRG), founded in 1957 in Greenwich CT, is comprised of ten diagnostic and interventional radiologists. GRG also handles a full roster of offsite studies and procedures at Greenwich Hospital.

ADS Client since 1988! That’s not a typo; GRG became a client of Advanced Data Systems (ADS) using the Medics II system in 1988 when state-of-the-art EDI consisted of claims being sent on twelve-inch reel-to-reel magnetic tapes. It sounds prehistoric today, but it exemplifies how GRG was definitely an early and enthusiastic adopter of the most advanced automation technologies at the time.

Fast forward literally through generations of technology with ADS. Today, GRG uses ADS’ MedicsRIS and its EHR for Radiology.


Joanne Corbisere-Ashley, GRG’s Practice Manager, noted how they were never pressured by ADS into implementing next-generation platforms by saying, “ADS never forced us to change anything which is another reason to admire ADS. We could have stayed with Medics II and have still been using it to this day. But when MedicsRIS was first introduced years ago, it was just such a superior system, it really was a “no brainer” to make the transition.”

GRG relies on MedicsRIS for eligibility verifications, an array of EDI tasks, multi-modality scheduling, report transcriptions, and mammography tracking.

After conducting an in-depth vendor search, GRG chose ADS for multiple reasons. The practice leadership was impressed by ADS’ reputation, even back in those early days. In particular, GRG was convinced ADS would provide both the personalized service and the system that would make automation a success.

“The system identifies patient requirements prior to their appointments with alerts on pre-certs, patient amounts to be due on arrival, and verification warnings on coverage. These routines can be performed in batch mode for all patients by day of appointment, or individually as often as we want. All of this ensures that GRG captures every dollar we can,” Ms. Corbisere-Ashley said.

GRG also uses the ADS Medics patient and referring physician portals, empowering both groups to self-serve making GRG’s workflow tightly efficient.

As for complying with complicated CMS initiatives, GRG has successfully done so through decades of them with ADS.

Since 1988, GRG and ADS remain an excellent match. It’s a history of collaboration almost unheard of in the industry.

"ADS is a time-tested, trusted company with excellent, affordable platforms for diagnostic and interventional radiology. What more could any radiology practice want?"

Joann Corbisere-Ashley, Practice Manager

Greenwich Radiological Group

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