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Behavioral / Mental Health Software

All of your Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Addiction Treatment, & Substance Abuse software needs, covered.

Empowering inpatient and outpatient facilities to successfully navigate the complexities of intake, medical billing, clinical documentation, and patient workflow management!

When it comes to Behavioral Health (BH) and Addiction Medicine, “one-size automation” does not fit all.

There are inpatient, partial inpatient, and outpatient organizations. Some need HCFA, some need UB, and some need both types of billing. Some need bed management automation, others may need marketing (CRM) automation, and some may need both. Some may not need either. Some organizations are psychiatrist-driven, others are therapist-driven, others are a combination of each.

The possibilities in behavioral and mental health are many. That's why we've created multiple verticals within the Medics Suite for BH which are designed to accommodate the needs of multiple types of BH settings! The Suite is comprised of the MedicsDocAssistant Behavioral Health EHR and the MedicsPremier Behavioral Health practice management software.

Bergen-Regional-Medical-Center BridgePointe-Psychological-and-Counseling-Services Counseling-for-Change New-Hope-Recovery-CenterSummit-Estate-Recovery-Center

Menninger Addiction-Treatment-Services Psych-BC Duffys Willamette-Family

Partial Listing of Software and Services

  • Initial Assessments, Mental Status Exam, Treatment Plan Builder, Progress Notes, Medication Management
  • Screening Tools ASAM, CIWA, COWS, PHQ-9, GAD-7
  • MedicsCRM™ for Tracking Marketing Campaigns, etc.
  • Medics BedManager™ for Comprehensive Bed Management Automation
  • Real Time Eligibility Verification and Remittance
  • 99% Success Rate on First Attempt Clearinghouse Claims
  • E-Forms for Pre Intake and Initial Phone Screening
  • ICD-10 Ready
  • Controlled Substance E-Prescribe
  • Stage 2 Meaningful Use Certified EHR
  • JCAHO and CARF Assessed
  • Inpatient
  • Residential
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Intensive Outpatient
  • OutPatient
  • Outcomes Measures
  • MARS
  • Real Time Employee Communication System
  • Group Therapy Roster Management 

Mental Status Exam: Appearance, memory, mood, concentration, sleep, appetite

Treatment Plans: Over 100 different, yet associated problems linked with short / long term goals, objectives, and intervention strategies.

Outcome Measures: Medication compliance, 12 step involvement, relapse prevention

Letters Capability: Customizable referring provider letters

As an optional capability, MedicsPortal™ allows users to complete questionnaires prior to their appointment dates, auto-populating their data directly into their MedicsDocAssistant Behavioral Health EHR records.

A Fully Versatile Behavioral Health Software Solutions Suite

Behavioral-Health-SoftwareThe Medics Suite's EHR and PM operate as a single, unified solution for Behavioral Health and Addiction Medicine. Or, each can be obtained separately as needed, and then no doubt be interfaced to the system you wish to keep creating your own personal "best of breed" combination.

The Medics Suite can be implemented in Cloud / ASP or Customer Hosted configuration, depending purely on the format that works best for your organization.

There's even MedicsRCM for BH organizations interested in outsourcing their Behavioral Health RCM services! Click here for details on MedicsRCM for BH.

A Suite Built for Your Behavioral Health Setting!

Click on either of the general links below for overall information on the MedicsDocAssistant EHR for BH. Then click the link for the one most appropriate to your BH organization for specific details on MedicsDocAssistant and your needs.

You'll also see links to MedicsPremier PM for BH, MedicsCRM, and Medics BedManager.


Rated 5-Stars by Jewson Enterprises for Behavioral Health!

We have earned the coveted 5 Star Performance Rating in Behavioral Health (BH) by Jewson Enterprises (JE), having been rated higher than ninety percent in each of Jewson’s nine categories. Ratings are compiled from at least five different knowledge sources over a twelve month period.

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Client Success


“The Medics systems from ADS are simply well thought out for Behavioral Health and Addiction Medicine.”

John Getgey
Owner & Clinical Director
BridgePointe Psychological and Counseling Services, Cincinnati OH.