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Hospital Services

Inpatient and Treatment Facilities

  • UB claims
  • bed and medication management
  • Supports Wiley PracticePlanners
  • inpatient clinical workflow
  • workflow automation to drive optimal billing efficiency
  • a nearly 99% success rate on first attempt clearinghouse claims
  • state reporting requirements
  • claims Tracking
  • denial tools for improving first pass payments
  • solutions for engaging patients / clients
  • obtaining ever-growing personal responsibility balances
  • maximizing reimbursements through KPI tracking, financial dashboards, engagement
  • leveraging financial and operational analytics to drive your facility’s goals
  • decreasing operational costs   

These are just some of what you need for your EHR and financial / management automation -or RCM company - to handle, ideally as a single, unified solution from one vendor

While the MedicsCloud Suite and MedicsRCM represent that unified solution, we’re also highly versatile enabling you to retain your favorite existing solution if preferred.  The ADS Programming team has perfected hundreds and hundreds of interfaces and data conversions from existing systems.

For mobility and enhancing the patient / client experience, the MedicsCloud Suite supports connectivity for them - as well as for your providers and for your IP facility itself - via iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Tablet, laptop and desktop PCs can be used as well. 

For Providers

If applicable to your inpatient format, from the next room or from anywhere around the world, your providers can:

  • access and edit their schedules
  • view patient / client data
  • post diagnoses and procedures
  • message bi-directionally with patients / clients and / or with your staff

Providers who transcribe can do so from anywhere also via their iPads, iPhones or Androids with almost any standard voice recognition system such as Dragon Medical One or Google Transcribe and the Suite’s built-in Medics FlowText. 

  •  Simply invoke the person’s record in the MedicsCloud EHR, click the transcription icon, and transcribe from anywhere globally (security restrictions apply in certain areas)
  • While transcribing, FlowText simultaneously populates the person’s record with intelligent voice-to-text-to-data entry. Save the report and you’ve essentially completed the record at the same time.
  • Transcribers can now immediately email or e-fax completed reports and letters from their devices to referring physicians or others authorized to receive them.
  • The MedicsCloud EHR becomes virtually click-free with FlowText making it responsive to voice commands. 

Revolutionize your transcription effort with the MedicsCloud EHR and Medics FlowText!

On the clinical side, the 2015 certified MedicsCloud EHR supports:  

  • user-defined templates with content specific to inpatient treatment
  • documenting psychiatric and substance abuse disorder programs for children, adolescents, adults and geriatric patients / clients
  • mental health and substance abuse assessments
  • extensive tracking of treatment plans and progress notes both of which are generally mandated for inpatient facilities
  • comprehensive yet highly flexible built-in medication management / MARS features with e-Rx for controlled and non-controlled substances to your in-house pharmacy
  • issue orders for lab tests to your in-house or outside laboratory’s LIS and receive results back into the person’s MedicsCloud EHR profile
  • excellent for all levels of care, the Suite stays with the patient / client if their level of care changes to intensive outpatient (IOP) or partial hospitalization (PHP); the same is true if you go on to provide outpatient (OP) services as well

Telemedicine / teleconferencing: 

The MedicsCloud HER’s telemedicine “visits” and teleconferencing are ideal if there’s a place for virtual encounters in your clinical offerings.

With the MedicsCloud EHR, tele-sessions can be done with providers and patient / clients using any combination of their iPads, iPhones, and Android devices as well as via camera-enabled tablets, laptops and desktop PCs.

Tele-sessions can be scheduled in the Medics scheduler if the scheduler is used. 

These sessions typically don’t require the same physical resources as in-person visits, and they can be reimbursable. You’re encouraged to see about your own state’s telemedicine protocols.

If telemedicine is viable and reimbursable for you, then enabling it through the MedicsCloud EHR is ideal! 

Financially and operationally, the Suite and MedicsRCM support: 

  • a nearly 99% success rate on first attempt UB claims (and HCFA if needed)
  • real-time claim trackingfor you to ensure your claims are being processed
  • “on the fly” denial managementfor quickly turning denied claims into revenue
  • the Suite can be configured to issue proactive alerts on claims likely to be denied by their payers; re-code first then submit helping to avoid denials
  • automated EOB reconciliations via electronic remittance advices (ERAs)
  • hands-off cascade billing to any secondary and tertiary payers as reconciliations are posted

Note:  if outsourcing is preferred, MedicsRCM is typically able to increase revenue by 10%- 20% through a number of proprietary, automated capabilities including ensuring claims are coded for maximum reimbursement without over-coding making the most - not the least - of your reimbursements.

Patient / Client Payments: 

Today, patients / clients are responsible for larger and larger amounts after insurance has reimbursed. They might even owe more than what’s reimbursed. The MedicsCloud Suite and MedicsRCM provide a number of ways to help ensure those amounts are paid:

  • the system will display an approximation of what the person will owe once their insurance(s) has paid
  • this doable in advance via the scheduler or at any time from within the system if the scheduler isn’t used 
  • facilitates obtaining at least a partial if not afull payment based on the approximate amount due
  • the system can be used to establish payment plans as well
  • a patient / client statement is automatically generated immediately once their final or only insurance has paid
  • secure, online payments are accommodated through the MedicsPortal 

Bed Management:

The built-in Medics BedManager supports a number of features designed to make managing beds efficient and revenue-producing. At a glance, administrators and authorized users can:

  • perform a midnight “head in the bed” census
  • see the real-time status of beds that are currently occupied, and by whom including gender
  • any particular programs in which the patient / client may be enrolled and their level of service
  • bed type, size and location
  • the number of remaining days, counted down

BedManager provides for automatic charge posting at time of discharge with flexible billing protocols that work best for the facility.

Bed utilization and planning are improved helping to automate the entire admissions and discharge process while wait times for beds are dramatically reduced.

A number of user-defined bed management reports can be created, named, saved and set to compile automatically on specific days, times, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Inpatient facilities can dramatically improve managing beds with the Medics BedManager. 


If your facility utilizes an appointment scheduler, the Medics scheduler is ideal for scheduling single and / or group appointments, for efficient workflow and for optimizing resources.

If appropriate to your IP facility, the scheduler’s built-in interactive appointment reminder texting can be used. Recipients simply reply to their texts in order to confirm or cancel. Both types of responses are automatically inserted in the appropriate appointment on the scheduler.

Cancelations can be called to reschedule while future appointments may be contacted to come in sooner. Recipients who don’t reply at all can be contacted for their status.

Reports, KPIs, Analytics:

The MedicsCloud Suite produces a myriad of user-defined clinical, financial, and operational reports and KPIs designed to help you stay on top of patient / client healthcare with clinical metrics available in the person’s chart, as well as financial and operational metrics of your IP facility by program with dashboards using real-time data.

The Suite does not require expensive (or any) add-on report writing utilities or programs, or to be extensively training on generating reports.

Reports are highly user-defined and can be created, named, and saved eliminating having to re-generate them every time. They’re also able to be scheduled to automatically compile at specified times or on certain dates / days of the week, monthly, quarterly or annually. 

They’re displayable in any number of formats / dashboards, and virtually all reports are exportable to Excel, including all financial reports.

Reports are able to be compiled across the enterprise, or by specified parameters such as by particular providers, payers, diagnoses, patients / clients by any number of factors, etc. A specific data field in any report can be drilled-into for details on the data in that field.

Metrics show where things are going well and where improvements can be made. 

The bottom line (literally!) is that you’ll never have to guess or speculate about clinical, financial or operational information relative to your IP facility. Simply generate the report instantaneously from the Medics Suite and have the needed data at your fingertips.

Other MedicsCloud Suite items of interest: 

  • the system supports an unlimited number of tax IDs, or a single tax ID depending on how you’re setup; tax IDs are accessible only to users with authorized access to any in particular, and tax IDs are easily maneuverable
  • directories are available if more partitioning is needed for different segments of your organization, perhaps under different operating names, or by level of service, etc.
  • directories act almost as separate copies of the software but yet can be viewed enterprise-wide for reporting, lookups, etc.; directories support their own unlimited number of tax IDs 
  • the MedicsCloud Suite operates under master patient index (MPI) architecture which ensures identifying the correctly needed patient / client, and for preventing duplicate records from being created
  •  an Audit Trail comprehensively monitors system use by login enabling administrators and others who are authorized to view a variety of user actions
  • if you do any marketing or advertising use the Suite’s built-in CRM to track results and analytics 
  • if preferred, the Suite can also be integrated with stand-alone CRMs such as Salesforce®, Sugar®, Zoho® and more

For Patients / Clients and your Facility:

If appropriate for your IP scenario, MedicsPortal enables your patients / clients to self-serve 24 x 7 x 365 on a variety of capabilities using their iPads, iPhones and Androids to: 

  • schedule appointments
  • edit demographic and insurance information
  • complete forms and questionnaires in advance
  • view clinical data to the extent you wish to make it available
  • message bi-directionallyeliminating phone time, waiting on hold, and leaving voicemails
  • making secure online payments

Our MedicsPortal empowers people to self-serve creating impressive efficiencies for patients / clients, and your IP facility.

You’ll want that in order to promote engagement which in turn fosters positive experiences for your patients / clients!

MedicsRCM…for those Interested in Outsourcing

MedicsRCM uses the MedicsCloud Suite and supports or handles everything mentioned here. 

 Revenues are typically increased by 10% - 20% with MedicsRCM employing a number of powerful and interesting automation capabilities ensuring your claims are being submitted at their highest possible value without over-coding.

This alone generally accounts for a remarkable uptick in revenue. It’s difficult to do this on the organizational level with the hundreds and even thousands of possible combinations of payers and codes. MedicsRCM does it with its advanced automation tools and its team of specialty-specific billing and coding specialists.

MedicsRCM clients have 24 x 7 x 365 secure, transparent access to all of their data, and are encouraged to view it at any time. In fact we train RCM clients on using the system so they can do exactly that.

If you use a scheduler, simply access to the Medics scheduler and take advantage of all of its features.

Use our 2015 certified MedicsCloud EHR or keep your existing EHR if you’d prefer to use it with an HL7 interface to MedicsRCM’s system. Or, simply use our electronic superbill if that’s a better option for you.

MedicsRCM performs no-cost assessments and can show exactly how they’d be able to increase your revenue.

Your IP facility has too much at stake clinically, operationally, and financially for automation that’s not “on the money.” The MedicsCloud Suite from ADS or MedicsRCM are both very much on the money in so many ways.

Contact us through the “Be in Touch” button or via “chat,” both of which are right here on the website. Or call 800-899-4237, ext. 2264 or email info@adsc.com to schedule a personalized MedicsCloud and / or MedicsRCM overview for your IP setting!

See why tens of thousands of providers and system operators rely on automation from ADS.