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Hospital Services

Inpatient and Treatment Facilities

The MedicsCloud Suite is a true integrated care system from one vendor: ADS.  

ADSC-Live-DemoThe Suite supports:

  • UB claims
  • month end closings
  • worklists and flowsheets to keep things moving and on track
  • task manager with alerts to prevent follow ups from being missed
  • bed and medication management
  • Wiley PracticePlanners compatibility
  • inpatient clinical workflow
  • automated workflow to drive optimal billing efficiency
  • a nearly 100% success rate on first attempt UB (and HFCA) clearinghouse claims
  • state reporting requirements
  • tracking claims in real time 
  • denial management for quickly editing and resubmitting claims
  • iOS and Android mobility solutions for engaging patients/clients and staff
  • SMART FHIR compatibility
  • obtaining ever-growing personal responsibility balances
  • maximizing reimbursements through KPI tracking, financial dashboards
  • leveraging financial and operational analytics to drive your facility’s goals
  • decreasing operating costs through intelligent, hands-off automation

Mobility, Engagement, Enhanced Experiences for All:

If applicable to your inpatient facility, any or all of these mobile engagement and connectivity features are available:  

  • MedicsCRM for managing any marketing or advertising campaigns
  • MedicsPortal supports 24 x 7 x 365 connectivity by patients/clients to perform a host of self-service actions from scheduling appointments to completing specific forms and questionnaires in advance, or even for post-admission
    • Portal also supports online payments directly to you.
  • MedicsKiosk further enhances intake by digitizing forms and questionnaires if the portal wasn’t used in advance, or for new forms specifically needed on arrival. Kiosk supports e-signatures and scanning.
  • Medics Interactive Texting is ideal for reminding about admissions and for specific information about being admitted.
  • Medics Telemedicine is iOS and Android-friendly, and is ideal for post-discharge follow up sessions

Financially, the Suite supports: 

  • depending on your workflow, pre- or post-admission out-of-network alerts and verification of benefits (eligibility)
  • patient responsibility estimator for helping to capture what they’ll owe after insurance
  • displaying any copayments
  • a nearly 100% success rate on first attempt UB claims (and HCFA if needed)
  • real-time claim tracking to ensure your claims are being processed
  • “on the fly” denial management for quickly turning denied claims into revenue
  • proactive denial alerts based on the payer; re-code first then submit
  • automated EOB reconciliations via ERAs
  • hands-off cascade billing to any secondary and tertiary payers  
  • statements immediately as balances become patients’ responsibility
    • economical offsite statement option

On the clinical side, the 2015 certified MedicsCloud EHR supports:  

  • click-free, voice navigated EHR functionality with our built-in Medics FlowText
  • user-defined templates with content specific to inpatient treatment
  • documenting psychiatric and substance abuse disorder programs for children, adolescents, adults and geriatric patients  
  • mental health and substance abuse assessments
  • extensive tracking of treatment plans and progress notes both of which are generally mandated for inpatient facilities
  • comprehensive yet highly flexible built-in medication management / MARS features with e-Rx for controlled and non-controlled substances  
  • issuing orders for lab tests to almost any laboratory’s LIS; receive results back into the person’s record
  • all levels of care if you also provide intensive outpatient (IOP), or partial hospitalization (PHP), or outpatient (OP) services

Intelligently Automated Bed Management

The built-in Medics BedManager makes managing beds efficient and revenue-producing. At a glance and in any number of display types including dashboards, administrators and authorized users can:

  • perform a midnight census
  • see the real-time status of beds that are currently occupied, by whom, and the person’s gender
  • view any particular programs in which the patient may be enrolled, and their level of care
  • see bed type, size and location
  • display the number of remaining days, counted down
  • BedManager supports automatic charge posting at time of discharge with flexible billing protocols that work best for the facility
  • bed utilization and planning and automated admissions and discharge dramatically reduces wait times for beds
  • an array of user-defined bed management reports can be created, named, saved and set to compile automatically on specified days/times/intervals

Your inpatient facility will revolutionize its bed management effort with the Medics BedManager! 

Transforming your Transcribing

Our built-in Medics FlowText enables transcribing from virtually anywhere using their iOS or Android devices along with almost any transcription system such as Dragon Medical One.

  • besides making the MedicsCloud EHR click-free through voice commands, FlowText intelligently populates the person’s record while transcribing
  • saving the report completes the record at the same time
  • if appropriate, reports can be transmitted from their devices to referring physicians or others involved with the person’s care

Unquestionably, Medics FlowText will transform the way your transcribers transcribe, and increase efficiency at the same time.

Financial and Operational Reports, KPIs, Analytics:

The Suite’s comprehensive, yet easy-to-use library of user-defined reports will help your facility run optimally, both financially and operationally with:

  • month end closings which are critically needed to lock-in data for both reporting and future reference
  • physician/provider productivity
  • highly detailed or summarized reports
  • financial and operational metrics and comparisons by a variety of user-defined filters
  • data compiled based on tax ID(s), place(s) of service, department(s), etc.
  • virtually every report being exportable to Excel
  • displays that are user defined including dashboards and graphs
  • drilling-into data fields for expanded views and information
  • users being able to create, name, and save their reports, and schedule them to compile automatically at specified times or intervals

You won’t need expensive - or any - outside utilities or report writing programs. And, your users won’t need extensive report writer training.

You’ll never have to guess or speculate about financial or operational information, about which payers are good and which should be looked at more closely, about what resources can be maximized, and so much more.

Simply generate the report you need instantaneously, and have the data at your fingertips!


If your facility utilizes an appointment scheduler, the Suite’s multi-modality scheduler is ideal for:

  • scheduling providers to assignments
  • scheduling patients for single and/or group sessions
  • efficient workflow and reducing or eliminating bottlenecks
  • making the most of your facility’s resources

Other MedicsCloud Suite Items of Interest

  • excellent for primary care as may be needed
  • an unlimited number of tax IDs, or a single tax ID are supported depending on how you’re setup
  • directories are available if more partitioning is needed for different segments such as if different operating names are used, or by level of service, etc.
  • master patient index (MPI) architecture ensures identifying the correctly needed person, and for preventing duplicate records from being created
  • the audit trail comprehensively monitors system use by login enabling administrators and others who are authorized to view a variety of user actions