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Pulmonary and Intensive Care Specialists of New Jersey's Journey

Located in central NJ, PICSNJ is a well-respected, single-specialty group comprised of physicians who are absolute masters in their field. In fact, five of PICSNJ’s physicians were named by New Jersey Monthly Magazine as a “Top Doctor for 2017,” a highly prestigious and coveted award presented to a relative handful of physicians.

Thousands of patients throughout the region and beyond rely on PICSNJ’s expertise in pulmonary, critical care, sleep, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) services.

All of PICSNJ's physicians are members of the volunteer faculty at Rutgers RWJ Medical School and have all participated in teaching medical students, residents from many of the specialties of the school, and pulmonary fellows.

PICSNJ’s physicians rotate teaching rounds in RWJUH’s MICU and instruct college students, advanced practice nursing students, and medical assistant students.

David Fischler MD, joined the group in 2004. In 2005 he became a Clinical Instructor at RWJUH and in 2016 was named Associate Director of RWJUH’s MICU. Dr. Fischler is one of PICSNJ’s “NJ Top Doctor” awardees.

“The word ‘intensive’ appears correctly in our group’s name as it applies to the medical care we provide. But operations and finance needed to be tightened up, and that’s not to criticize our administrative team. It was all about the automation we were using. We knew that was a weakness and after doing our due diligence, we decided to implement MedicsRCM,” Dr. Fischler said.

Dr. Fischler continued, “The MedicsRCM team came in and provided an assessment on how much they could improve our cash flow. We were skeptical but they were confident and resolute about how they could help us. The numbers couldn’t be ignored, and they weren’t."

PICSNJ went onto MedicsRCM and the predictions given proved to be absolutely correct. “There was an almost immediate uptick in revenue which was extraordinary since we were already doing well,” Dr. Fischler said.

"There was almost an immediate uptick in revenue (with MedicsRCM) which was extraordinary."

David Fischler, M.D.

Medical Director

Marybeth McGowan of MedicsRCM, said, “We produce enhanced results because it’s just difficult for a practice to do what MedicsRCM does. We have certified coders and a team of experts deeply rooted every nuance of medical billing.”

Ms. McGowan continued by saying, “MedicsRCM has mechanisms in place to triple check our clients’ claims to ensure they’re clean. And, that actually still includes a ‘human eyeballing’ as the third check. Claims are audited to determine how they can be submitted at higher values to those same payers the next time. Most practices can’t do that with thousands of possible combinations of ICD-10 codes and payers.”

On that, Dr. Fischler noted, “MedicsRCM constantly suggests how to better code the next time. Up-coding without over-coding returns revenue we wouldn’t have known about.”

MedicsRCM performs pre-appointment eligibility verifications via appointments PICSNJ puts on MedicsRCM’s scheduler. EOBs / ERAs are handled by MedicsRCM as is PICSNJ’s claims tracking. Editing and resubmitting of denied claims are done within three business days.

MedicsRCM processes all of PICSNJ’s patient statements. “We like how patients are directed to call MedicsRCM if they have statement questions. That alone removes a significant amount staff time in having to take those calls.

MedicsRCM compiles, processes, and reviews reports and KPIs with PICSNJ. As with all MedicsRCM clients, PICSNJ has 24 x 7 x 365 secure cloud access to their data and can view anything at any time, on-demand. They use the scheduler and can produce their own reports whenever they want, if they want.

Dr. Fischler noted, “That’s another great MedicsRCM advantage. We have full access to our data. We can view at any time how collections are going, the status of our claims, how denials are doing, the EOB postings that have been completed, A/R…really everything. Nothing is hidden and in fact, MedicsRCM encourages us to stay engaged with our data, which we do.”

PICSNJ uses the Medics EHR with MedicsRCM, but practices can use their existing EHRs interfaced to MedicsRCM, or not use any EHR at all and just do quick data entry with an e-superbill provided by MedicsRCM.

Dr. Fischler summed up by saying, “We were performing well with our own system but MedicsRCM tremendously improved things financially and operationally for us. Our only regret is not having gone with MedicsRCM sooner!”

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