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Stephen O'Connor

By: Stephen O'Connor on October 24th, 2012

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EHR For Ob/Gyn

Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records

Health facilities are increasingly using electronic health records (EHR) for obstetrics/ gynecology. EHR for Ob/Gyn has many benefits both to small and large medical practices. Those who are still considering whether or not they should adopt these programs will be there are a number of benefits electronic health records software can provide Ob/Gyns. 

Accurate Coding and Billing

Human error and fraud costs obstetricians and gynecologists thousands of dollars annually. This can be reduced significantly by using EHR. Accurate billing and coding help health practices get the right reimbursement without having to waste time on recoding and resubmitting contentious records.

Reduce Operational Costs

The human resource needed to capture and maintain large amounts of patient data is enormous. Yet, the same job can accurately and inexpensively be handled by EHR for Ob/Gyn. Some of the data that obstetricians and gynecologists routinely deal with include menstrual history, antenatal visits, RH antibodies and pelvic examinations. At the same time, they have to deal with other forms of data common to all healthcare facilities such as prescriptions, laboratory results and consultations. With the right EHR, a practice does not have to hire many technicians to handle this side of the practice.

Increased Productivity

A paperless office enhances workflow, and in the case of obstetrics, speedy patient encounter ensues. It will then be possible to communicate with patients faster and better than before. EHR for Ob/Gyn can automatically generate progress and healthcare maintenance reminders. Some EHR software programs have inbuilt business analysis tools that can be used to scrutinize and identify areas that need improvement. This means gynecologists and obstetricians can use EHR to deliver improved patient healthcare. 

Customization and Improved Revenues

It should be noted that OB/GYN practices have needs that differ from the needs of other healthcare specialties. This means the general EHRs will not work for OB/GYN practices. They can  be customized to fit the situations of individual patients. For example, some EHR for OB/GYNs have customized templates for pelvic examinations and other diagnosis. All these features have a collective benefit of improving revenue collection for practices. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Provides improved coding and billing for your practice.
  • Better use of productivity and time.
  • Reduces your offices costs.
  • The software can be customized to fit the needs and wants of each individual practice.

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