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Case Study

Enterprise-Level Management Company Relies on ADS to Manage Their Extensive Network

What does HMCA - a management company itself - use to help manage their extensive network of radiology and imaging centers? The Medics Suite for ...

Case Study

How an Enterprise -- and Enterprising -- Healthcare Network Relies on Systems from ADS

The words “enterprise” and “enterprising” really do define Horizon Family Medical Group in terms of its size, range of specialties, procedures ...

Case Study

High-Volume Ophthalmology Practice Captures Every Dollar for Every Visit with MedicsPM

Thorp Bailey Weber Eye Associates (TBW) is a high-volume practice serving Philadelphia and the suburban Philadelphia region. TBW’s ...

Case Study

High-Volume Radiology Practice Leverages Unique Flexibilities of ADS’ Medics Suite for Radiology

Radiology is both high-volume and multi-faceted at University Diagnostic Medical Imaging (UDMI) in Bronx NY, with hundreds of patients moving ...

Case Study

Hispanic Counseling Center: How MedicsRCM Helps a Center that Helps

Established in 1977 by the Nassau County (NY) Department of Drug and Alcohol Addiction and the Nassau County Youth Board, Hispanic Counseling ...

Case Study

Multi-Site Behavioral Health Facility Improves Patient Outcomes Utilizing Medics Suite

Founded more than 40 years ago, New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health Care (NHIBHC) is a non-profit 501[c]3 corporation serving those in need of ...