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Stephen O'Connor

By: Stephen O'Connor on April 3rd, 2013

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How Switching RIS Software Can Save Money

Radiology Information System

radiology information systemsIf your radiology practice uses the first generation RIS software, it is very likely that you can reduce your overhead and increase your productivity by switching to the latest RIS software. There have been several advances in RIS software that radiologists have found to enhance the revenue of their practices. In addition, the new RIS software is H7 compliant, which facilitates the sharing of patient health information with other healthcare providers. The use of health information technology to transmit patient information is one of the key objectives that radiologists and other healthcare providers need to achieve in order to receive Stage II incentive payments from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

The Advantages of Switching to the Latest RIS Software

Some of the ways that you can reduce your overhead with the latest RIS software include the following:

  • The incentive payments from CMS for adopting the latest in certified health care technology are per radiologist, as opposed to per practice. For many radiology practices, this more than offsets the cost of acquiring and implementing new RIS software.
  • The new generation RIS software has the features of practice management, medical billing, and transcription programs integrated into the system. This not only saves the practice the expense of purchasing these systems separately, but automating these processes.
  • Since modern RIS software is H7 compliant, it is easy to transmit images and reports to other healthcare providers quickly and efficiently. This saves the practice money on postage and delivery fees, as well as the cost of paper and film. 

In addition to saving your radiology practice money, the conversion to current RIS software also increases revenue by boosting productivity. With the integrated patient management software and scheduling function, the number of no-shows is significantly reduced. The transcription features means that reports are transmitted to the referral source more quickly, which will generate more referrals. 

Key Takeaways

  • The advanced features of the latest generation of RIS software save radiology practices enough money to make it worthwhile to switch to the new software.
  • The latest RIS software offers many features to streamline administrative functions, which saves a significant amount of money on overhead costs.
  • With new RIS software, you can also increase revenue by reducing missed appointments and decreasing the turnaround time for reports.

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