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Stephen O'Connor

By: Stephen O'Connor on October 28th, 2013

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Stage 2 Meaningful Use: Why it's Important for Your EHR Software

Electronic Health Records | Value-Based Care

Stage 2 Meaningful Use: Why it's Important for Your EHR SoftwareManagers of medical practices across the nation are seeing an improvement in their bottom line and increased efficiencies for their employees thanks to the use of electronic health record software. Saving money and being able to see more patients more quickly is often sufficient justification for going with an EHR system.

The government has a strategic interest in getting more medical organizations to use EHR software in a meaningful way. In order to take advantage of the discounts offered by Medicare and Medicaid, your medical organization needs to use certified EHR software for Stage 2 Meaningful Use.

Prudent medical practice managers know that they can rely on the knowledgeable professionals at ADS to provide them with a certified EHR system to meet the government’s Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements.

Stage 1 Meaningful Use

In the first stage of Meaningful Use, medical organizations work under a timeline to show that they are using EHR software to capture and share patient data.

Medicare and Medicaid wanted to make sure that physician groups were taking advantage of computer systems to transmit patient information, such as by sending electronic prescriptions to the pharmacy and supplying clinical quality data.

In exchange for demonstrating Stage 1 Meaningful Use, eligible professionals are entitled to receive a discount from Medicare and Medicaid.

Stage 2 Meaningful Use

Under Stage 2 Meaningful Use, medical providers will need to use certified EHR software to provide more advanced clinical data. Providers must have achieved meaningful use according to Stage 1 criteria before progressing to Stage 2.

Under Stage 2 Meaningful Use, you will need to begin offering more data. For example, providers will use their certified EHR software to submit surveillance information to public health agencies.

You will also need to make imaging results accessible through your system and maintain electronic notes in your patients’ files. To better serve the public health, organizations will have to begin recording each person’s family health history. You have until 2014 to demonstrate Stage 2 Meaningful Use.

Use an Experienced EHR Software Developer

When it comes to Stage 2 Meaningful Use, you will want to go with an EHR software provider that has a proven track record in developing systems for use in medical organizations, such as ADS.

We have been helping medical practices since 1977. Our longevity and stability provide the peace of mind that organizations need when it comes to selecting EHR software.

Your efforts to demonstrate meaningful use will go more smoothly when you take advantage of certified EHR software that’s been developed to help medical practice employees work more quickly and efficiently, such as the solutions provided by ADS.

Key Takeaways

  • Medical organizations are eligible to receive discounts from Medicare and Medicaid when they use Meaningful Use Stage 2-certified EHR software.
  • Stage 2 Meaningful Use requires medical organizations to provide more advanced clinical data.
  • You will need an EHR system that can store content such as imaging results.
  • Under Stage 2 Meaningful Use, providers will submit more information to centralized public health agencies.
  • EHR software certified for Stage 2 Meaningful Use will enable you to easily record the medical history for a patient’s entire family.
  • Certified EHR software not only helps you achieve and demonstrate Stage 2 Meaningful Use, it also helps you enter data more efficiently, enabling your practice to see more patients each day
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