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Healthcare Blog

The latest in all things RCM, Electronic Health Records, Radiology Information Systems, Practice Management, Medical Billing, Value-Based Care, & Healthcare IT.

Alex Tate

Alex Tate is a Health IT writer for various platforms. He provides perceptive, engaging and informative consultancy on industry wide topics. He knows that no single approach is the right one for every practice, and so shall advice according to the requirements. The consultancy is based around EMR Systems, Practice Management, and Billing Solutions. MACRA/MIPS consultancy is also available to achieve the highest returns and revenue for your practice.

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Industry News | Healthcare Advice

By: Alex Tate
February 5th, 2020

With artificial intelligence becoming increasingly adept at performing human functions, there is no denying that its potential impact in the healthcare industry is vast and significant. AI and robotics are readily becoming part of the healthcare ecosystem, with several types being employed by care providers as well as payers.