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Whitepaper Excerpt: Increase Revenue and Efficiency with EHR

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It's clear that electronic health records (EHR) help enhance patient care. However, they do so much more! Our informative whitepaper, "Increasing Revenue and Efficiency" highlights the many benefits that EHR provide medical staff and practices.

Read the following excerpt for a glimpse into all that EHR has to offer:

Improved Revenue

Billing and coding is a tedious process yet integral to practitioners receiving maximum payments for their services. If a code is incorrectly written during pen and paper entry or even overlooked - which is often the case - a practitioner will not receive full payment and the claim can even be rejected.

The new Medicare guidelines are very stringent about coding every medical diagnosis correctly, along with other patient care data for reimbursement.

EHR helps facilitate more accurate coding which results in fewer rejected claims and faster payment. Charges for services provided are fully captured with EHR, resulting in maximum payment received for services. Processing private insurance claims is easy and quick for faster payments.

Improved Quality of Care

Patient care has to be the central focus of an improved healthcare delivery system. With EHR, a practitioner has access to patient records 24/7. Viewing medical records with labs is possible with the ability of alerting practitioners to abnormal results.

Pertinent medical information is easily accessed during patient admissions; saving valuable time while also serving the patient more efficiently. Prescriptions are sent to pharmacies with a click of the mouse through EHR. 

Practitioners can make quicker decisions for the care of patients by having easy access to all of their medical records in one system.

Financial Incentives

In 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was passed as a measure to stimulate the economy. The act offers significant financial incentives to eligible health care professionals who achieve Meaningful Use of EHR. 

Funds are issued through Medicaid and Medicare payments to providers and hospitals that are "meaningful EHR users."  

Therefore, the incentive for implementing EHR is not only a benefit for the patient/physician relationship, but offers monetary benefits as well.  

Read the Whitepaper:

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