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Advanced Data Systems Corporation

Since 1977, clients have relied on the ADS team and our intelligent automation solutions and services. The MedicsCloud Suite, ADS’s latest generation of rules driven financial, revenue cycle, practice management, clinical charting and reporting, and mobility/engagement platforms, are used by clients to produce maximized revenue and efficiency for their practices, groups, and enterprise networks.

MedicsRCM (ADS RCM) is ideal if comprehensive outsourced revenue cycle management and billing services are preferred. MedicsRCM also uses the MedicsCloud Suite.

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Medical Billing / RCM

The healthcare industry is notoriously complex, particularly when it comes to medical billing. Podiatry practices, with their unique set of services and patient demographics, face specific challenges that can significantly impact their operational efficiency and financial stability. This comprehensive guide explores the intricacies of podiatry medical billing, the benefits of outsourcing these tasks, and how modern solutions like those provided by Advanced Data Systems (ADS) can transform a practice.

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Healthcare Advice | Value-Based Care | Medical Practice | CMS

The Value-Based Care Methodology The value-based care methodology is getting more and more attention across the healthcare and insurance industries. A methodology that is still being perfected to deliver quality, not quantity, care that will reward or penalize healthcare providers for patient or client outcomes. The ultimate goal is to keep the population healthier and help drive down the cost of insurance.


The Importance of Patient Engagement: Why They - And You - Need It

Learn why patient engagement is a necessity and how you can master it within your practice.

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Industry News | Healthcare Advice | mental health

Behavioral health is particularly topical, as the mind-body connection continues to be unraveled in new and fascinating ways. Here are 5 trends you will see at the forefront of behavioral health this year.

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Medical Billing / RCM | Electronic Health Records | Radiology Information System | Patient Portal

Radiology Information Systems (RIS) are essential software tools for radiological centers, groups, and clinics. Besides providing the software to securely store and access images and videos from scans, what do all the top RISs have in common?

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Electronic Health Records | Medical Practice | Practice Management System | Electronic Medical Record

The Two Departments of a Medical Practice In the most common medical practices, whether general practice or a specialty practice, the office usually functions as two departments: the clinical staff and the administrative staff, as found on Chron. As mentioned, some practices may have "clinic heads and ancillary clinic providers".

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Medical Billing / RCM | Electronic Health Records | Healthcare Advice | Patient Portal

Forecasts for Health Care Technology One area that is on the front burner of health care is the "push toward truly digitized health care," as found on Forbes. At Advanced Data Systems Corporation (ADS), we are hearing and reading how providers are "feeling the pain" with electronic health record (EHR) integration. We are here to help providers meet the challenges, and learn how to get the advantages an EHR offers.

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Industry News | Healthcare Advice | Patient Portal | Telemedicine Software

With the popularity of telemedicine on the rise, countless healthcare providers find themselves wondering whether or not they, too, should take the plunge towards modernization. Since the American Telemedicine Association's founding in 1993, motivated individuals within the community have been pushing to expand telehealth technology companies and boost patient access to care; now, as many as 90% of healthcare executives have moved to develop or implement telemedicine programs into their organizations.

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Medical Billing / RCM | Industry News | Healthcare Advice | AI

Advanced AI Creating New Avenues of Healthcare Efficiencies First, there was artificial intelligence (AI) which made machines capable of following mathematical directions to capture and store intelligence. Then came machine learning (ML), which advanced machine intelligence to use collected data to make predictive solutions. We now have deep learning, a more intelligent subset of ML that is based on the human brain. As found on Medium, "Artificial Intelligence would be the bigger, encapsulating circle that contains Machine and Deep Learning".

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Healthcare Advice | Radiology Information System

A reliable radiology information system (RIS) offers the electronic means to efficiently manage a radiology practice in all aspects that offer the best in patient care and practice management.

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Medical Billing / RCM | Healthcare Advice | Patient Portal | Finances

High Deductibles Have Lead to Difficulties Collecting for Services Rendered One of the latest healthcare challenges for many Americans today are the out-of-pocket, healthcare expenses. It is becoming apparent that high-deductible healthcare plans can pose a financial risk to people of low-income and those with chronic illnesses as found on USC News. If patients, especially those with chronic illnesses, are struggling to pay their out-of-pocket deductibles, providers are going to have the hardship to collect for services rendered.