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Medical Billing / RCM | Industry News | AI

By: Christina Rosario
December 27th, 2022

How to Ease Staffing Burdens for Healthcare Professionals It’s no secret that many talented individuals are leaving or have already quit their jobs during the “Great Resignation” in the aftermath of the global coronavirus pandemic. According to a report from Forbes, the healthcare industry has lost approximately 20% of its workers. Yet, the demand for healthcare services with an emphasis on patient safety, disease control, and public health has never been greater.

Blog Feature

Medical Billing / RCM | Industry News | Healthcare Advice | AI

Advanced AI Creating New Avenues of Healthcare Efficiencies First, there was artificial intelligence (AI) which made machines capable of following mathematical directions to capture and store intelligence. Then came machine learning (ML), which advanced machine intelligence to use collected data to make predictive solutions. We now have deep learning, a more intelligent subset of ML that is based on the human brain. As found on Medium, "Artificial Intelligence would be the bigger, encapsulating circle that contains Machine and Deep Learning".


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