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Whitepaper Excerpt: The Benefits of Connecting RIS Software

Industry News | Radiology Information System

Complete-Guide-to-RIS-Meaningful-Use-3D-Book-ClearBG-250x250-1Here is a sneak peek into our whitepaper, "The Benefits of Connecting RIS Software with Your Referring Physicians' EHR Software." Learn how connecting your software can speed up your processes and save you money.

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EHR for Radiology

EHRs are being utilized today by radiology practices for two reasons:

1. The efficiencies EHR brings in terms of retaining and tracking patients’ clinical and medical information as it pertains to radiology.

2. That non-hospital based radiologists are categorized as “Eligible Professionals” (EPs) making them eligible to obtain the significant Stimulus Act’s financial incentives as available through Medicare and Medicaid for the “Meaningful Use” (MU) of a certified EHR as MU applies to radiology (many criteria required by EPs in other specialties are exempt for radiology).

In general, not all EHRs are relevant or adaptable to all specialties, and radiology EHR is no exception. Radiology practices should ensure they utilize a certified EHR that operates correctly for radiology.

Ideally the radiology-capable EHR should be seamlessly integrated or embedded with the RIS / practice management system to ensure a smooth flow of data and to eliminate redundancy.

With radiology practices typically having multiple radiologists (EPs), and with the incentives being paid per EP, the financial return to the radiology practice can be significant.

Tracking patient clinical data, along with the ability for non-hospital based radiologists to obtain incentives, make it important for radiology practices to implement a radiology-capable certified EHR.

If you liked the excerpt, make sure to download the full whitepaper on the "The Benefits of Connecting RIS Software with Your Referring Physicians' EHR Software" by clicking the image below.

The Benefits of Connecting RIS Software

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Since 1977, Advanced Data Systems Corporation (ADS) has been a leading provider of mobile Electronic Health Records and Practice Management automation for multiple specialties. We have specific systems for Behavioral Health and Laboratories as well as MedicsRIS for radiology. Our MedicsRCM is ideal if revenue cycle management is preferred.

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