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Stephen O'Connor

By: Stephen O'Connor on June 24th, 2016

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7 Smart Ways Physicians Can Stay Motivated All Day

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Smart-Ways-Physicians-Can-Stay-MotivatedAs a successful physician, what motivates you to do your best on the job every day? While it’s normal for healthcare professionals to be motivated by how much money they are bringing in, this is typically not their sole incentive.

If you’ve been having difficulties staying motivated all day, here are seven tips to help.


1. Your Efforts Can Save Lives

Sometimes doctors wind up getting a “God complex” and feel self-important about the work they do. You don’t need to go that far, but recognizing that your talents, skills and knowledge will improve patients’ health and even save their lives should be a major motivation for you all day, every day.


2. Pride in Helping Patients Improve their Situation

Think of how you advised an obese patient on how to exercise and adjust his or her diet in a weight loss program, or encouraged a patient to finally give up smoking. When these patients return for follow up visits, they should be a source of pride to you and can motivate you to continue doing such rewarding work.


3. Thrill of Solving a Difficult Diagnosis

You see the same types of ailments on a routine basis, which can sometimes lead to feelings of burnout. However, you can keep yourself motivated all day long when you realize that at any moment, you will encounter a patient in the examination room who has unusual symptoms or otherwise is afflicted with something novel that you may never have seen before.

Now, you get to exercise some creative thinking as you cast about for a solution. Finally figuring out the problem and coming up with the best treatment plan are what got you into this profession in the first place, after all.


4. Look at Pictures of Your Success Stories

Any practice can take pride in its accomplishments by putting patient images up on a wall. If you run a pediatrics or OB/GYN practice, for example, you may want to hang up pictures of your patients after a successful treatment or just to commemorate a recent birth.

If you ever find yourself low on drive, a quick glance at some of the images of your most successful patient stories should fill you with more motivation to help others as well.


5. Take Things in Stride

Worrying about problems that could happen or dwelling on a case where a patient was difficult, combative or otherwise worked up emotionally can take quite a toll on your psyche.

Try to slow down and take these events in stride. Holding onto feelings of frustration or anger will get in the way of your ability to heal your patients.


6. Reflect on Your Honors

Besides your medical school diploma, what other professional recognition do you currently enjoy? Perhaps you were interviewed by your alumni magazine or the local paper or have recently won an award for your achievements.

Frame such documents and display them in the office. Casting your eyes over framed notices of achievement can give you a burst of pride, which may be all you need to stay motivated to do your best.


7. Friday is Almost Here!

Finally, when other motivations don’t seem to land so hard during a busy week, you can always buck up your spirits by noting that the weekend is fast approaching and you’ll be able to relax and unwind very soon.

Alternatively, focus on that vacation you’re planning on taking with your family. Imagining your dream trip and all the fun and relaxation in store can give you the energy and motivation you need to make the workday positive and productive.

Doctors on the verge of burning out can find themselves low on motivation. Make sure to get sufficient rest and relaxation on a regular basis to avoid building up stress. By following these seven tips on staying motivated, you and your practice can expect to not only survive, but to thrive.


Key Takeaway

  • You have many options as a physician to keep yourself motivated day after day.
  • Remembering that you have the skills and experience to reduce suffering and save lives is a major way to motivate yourself.
  • Keep evidence of your professional accomplishments on display so you can reflect on your honors and other forms of recognition.
  • When all else fails, remember that Friday is just around the corner or take a moment to daydream about your upcoming vacation.



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