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The latest in all things RCM, Electronic Health Records, Radiology Information Systems, Practice Management, Medical Billing, Value-Based Care, & Healthcare IT.

Jim Woods

As Vice President of ADS RCM, and with 25 years of revenue cycle background in working with mid to large enterprise groups and networks, Jim’s expertise in registration, VOB, scheduling, clinical documentation, revenue cycle process strategies is extensive. Jim brings a front-and- center wealth of knowledge and experience in successfully migrating clients to the ADS RCM family. Clients benefit from Jim’s ability to solve problems and create ways for them to be more financially and operationally stable.

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By: Jim Woods
May 31st, 2023

In today's healthcare landscape, attracting and retaining qualified talent for revenue cycle management is a persistent challenge for organizations. Staffing shortages can lead to delays in reimbursement and impact your bottom line. To ensure the smooth functioning of your billing processes, it's crucial to find innovative solutions to address revenue cycle staffing challenges. In this blog, we'll explore effective strategies that can help optimize your revenue cycle management and improve financial performance.

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Medical Billing / RCM

By: Jim Woods
December 17th, 2018

Substance abuse billing is one of the major areas with which drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers struggle resulting in lost revenue and delayed payments. Many drug rehabilitation centers and behavioral health organizations are closing their doors due to rapidly changing industry laws, regulations, and insurance companies. One thing in common is poor revenue cycle management.


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