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By: Advanced Data Systems Corporation

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January 26th, 2022

Advanced Data Systems Corp. Celebrates 45th Anniversary in Healthcare Automation and Services

Company has an Unparalleled History of Stability and Reliability in the Industry

January 26, 2022 – Advanced Data Systems Corp. (ADS) proudly celebrates its 45th year of uninterrupted, continuous operation in providing financial, operational, clinical, and revenue cycle management healthcare systems and services designed to drive maximized revenue and efficiency for our clients, and mobility and engagement tools for clients and their patients.

ADS’ affiliated company, ADS RCM, provides clients with (1) outsourced workforce and staffing, (2) true end-to-end revenue cycle management, (3) billing, and (4) workflow services. ADS RCM has often increased clients’ revenue by ten to twenty percent over the system or service they had previously used.

Those revenue increases become even more dramatic when combined with (1) clients consolidating their staffing with our team of workflow, billing, coding, EDI, and analytics experts as an outsourced workforce, and (2) clients reducing their technology costs by eliminating support and/or cloud hosting fees since access to the MedicsPremier platform is included at no additional cost with ADS RCM.

Since its founding in 1977, ADS has remained an independent, privately owned, debt-free company to which clients have easy access. Tens of thousands of system operators in virtually every specialty rely on ADS’ platforms and services for their enterprise organizations and networks, groups, and practices including multi-specialty settings, laboratories, imaging centers, and behavioral health/substance use disorders facilities.

David-Barzillai-ADS-FounderDavid Barzillai, founder and President of ADS, reflected on its beginnings by saying, “We started in 1977 with three people in the basement of my house in NJ after having created an automated demographics system for a few local radiology practices. It was cutting-edge technology at the time, and everyone wanted it. That was the company’s original Medics system, updated two years later to Medics II.”

Today, the company’s most revolutionary platform is the fully integrated MedicsCloud Suite consisting of the MedicsPremier financial and practice management system and the MedicsCloud EHR for comprehensive clinical charting and analytics. Either solution is available separately as needed, interfaced with clients’ existing automation.

“What’s unheard of in this industry is how we’ve remained intensely loyal to our entire client base by continuing to support our previous Medics versions and not forcing clients to move to our newest MedicsCloud Suite platforms. In fact, a few clients continue to use their original Medics II systems, some for longer than thirty years! We know of no other vendor who has done that,” Mr. Barzillai said.

Mobility and engagement features and options include portals, telemedicine, interactive reminder texting for appointments and balances due, kiosks, remote patient monitoring, insurance discovery when insurance information is partially or entirely missing, scanning of insurance ID cards and drivers’ licenses, and more are available to both ADS and ADS RCM clients.

Mr. Barzillai summed up the companies’ histories by saying, “Thanks to our incredibly loyal and growing client base which is nationwide, we now have over 300 team members and are headquartered in the 15,000 square foot ADS Building with a satellite office on Long Island (NY). It’s been so fulfilling working with clients as they grow as well. Our programmers can customize our RCM and in-house platforms to suit each customer’s specific needs. It’s a definite advantage that company ownership is comprised of software engineers and developers who continue to take a very active hand in product and service innovation. A healthcare survey from a few years ago showed that a company’s stability and viability were more important than the solutions it provides. ADS and ADS RCM represent a ‘best of both worlds’ scenario; our systems, services, and history have more than proven that. We’re ready to put it all to work for you as well.”

Contact ADS at 800-899-4237, Ext. 2264 or email info@adsc.com for more on our company, platforms, and services; ADS RCM can be contacted directly at 844-599-6881 or by emailing rcminfo@adsc.com.

About ADS and ADSRCM: Established in 1977, ADS is a leader in intelligent, interoperable healthcare automation solutions. Our MedicsCloud Suite brings mobility/telemedicine/portals/kiosks/interactive texting, clinical, financial, and operational automation to a wide variety of specialties, including behavioral health organizations, laboratories, and revenue cycle management (RCM) companies. Our MedicsRIS is specifically designed for imaging centers. MedicsRCM from ADSRCM is ideal if comprehensive revenue cycle management services are preferred. ADS and ADSRCM provide quick Implementations, comprehensive Training, excellent ongoing Support with Updates, data conversions from existing systems, and integrations with other systems and PACS. The companies are debt-free, privately owned, and our clients have easy access to us. Our names have never changed, and we've never discontinued any of our systems. We greatly appreciate our clients who’ve enabled us to attain a remarkable history of stability and reliability in the industry.

About Advanced Data Systems Corporation

Since 1977, clients have relied on the ADS team and our intelligent automation solutions and services. The MedicsCloud Suite, ADS’s latest generation of rules driven financial, revenue cycle, practice management, clinical charting and reporting, and mobility/engagement platforms, are used by clients to produce maximized revenue and efficiency for their practices, groups, and enterprise networks.

MedicsRCM (ADS RCM) is ideal if comprehensive outsourced revenue cycle management and billing services are preferred. MedicsRCM also uses the MedicsCloud Suite.

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