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Healthcare IT Blog

Healthcare Blog

The latest in all things RCM, Electronic Health Records, Radiology Information Systems, Practice Management, Medical Billing, Value-Based Care, & Healthcare IT.

Jenna Johnson

Jenna Johnson is the Content Specialist at Advanced Data Systems Corporation. She has a passion for writing, and helping people find the facts. Jenna was previously a Ghost Writer for Ovation.io, and has worked for the Department of Defense, and the Air Force for the last 7 years.

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Patient Experience

By: Jenna Johnson
March 29th, 2022

In today's market, having an internet basis is pretty standard practice in all industries. Having your patients engaged should be no different for the healthcare industry. Visibility into patient satisfaction allows your practice to stay at its highest performance ability and promote health literacy. The same type of marketing used by merchandise stores across the globe can be beneficial to your practice and can result in improved health outcomes. We discuss improved patient outcomes a bit deeper in this blog.

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Industry News

By: Jenna Johnson
January 5th, 2022

The following is a recap from our ebook, "Top 6 Healthcare Business Trends on Track to Affect your Bottom Line and Efficiency in 2022."


The Importance of Patient Engagement: Why They - And You - Need It

Learn why patient engagement is a necessity and how you can master it within your practice.