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The latest in all things RCM, Electronic Health Records, Radiology Information Systems, Practice Management, Medical Billing, Value-Based Care, & Healthcare IT.

Blog Feature

Electronic Medical Record | behavioral health

By: Christina Rosario
June 8th, 2022

Medical practices, small and large, rely on electronic health records or EHR software to help them keep track of patient data and spot overall trends in the population they serve. For those healthcare providers working in the area of behavioral health, a behavioral health EHR application is indispensable.

Blog Feature

behavioral health

By: Stephen O'Connor
April 25th, 2022

The general public is becoming more familiar with the benefits of behavioral health services. With celebrities openly talking about their need to participate in therapy and prioritize their own mental health, the stigma of seeking assistance may be eroding. That’s good news for providers, who can envision more patients coming for help with their mind and not just their body. Behavioral health is particularly topical, as how the mind-body connection continues to be unraveled in new and fascinating ways. Here are 5 trends you will see at the forefront of behavioral health this year.


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