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Healthcare Blog

The latest in all things RCM, Electronic Health Records, Radiology Information Systems, Practice Management, Medical Billing, Value-Based Care, & Healthcare IT.

5 Reasons Why Electronic Health Records are Better than Paper Records

5 Benefits of Interoperability in Healthcare

What Is MACRA?

What Is MACRA?

There are many aspects of MACRA, and it's important you're familiar with all of them.

The Top Healthcare Events & Conferences of 2020

The Top 4 Risks and Limitations of EHR Software in 2020

Healthcare System Security: Staying Secure in an Insecure World

FHIR vs HL7: EHR-wise, it’s an acronym you can connect with

4 Things That Improve Patient Experience in the Doctor's Office

How Much Does Implementing Telemedicine Software Cost?

5 Benefits of Telemedicine for Those Struggling with Mental Health

The 6 Step Guide for Improving Your Person-Centered Care Feedback Strategy

4 Problems With Electronic Health Records

EMR & RIS: The Similarity, the Difference and the Perfect Time for Integration

The Forecasts and Trends of Radiology Information Systems

Proactively Prepare for Value-Based Care in Behavioral Health

PACS: What It Is and How It Works Together With Radiology Information Systems (RIS)

MedicsRCM: The Complete Healthcare RCM Technology and Service

How Have Radiology and Radiology Systems Evolved?

5 Behavioral Health Trends for 2019

The Forecasted RIS Vendors by Market Segment

A Radiology Information System Overview

Medical Billing Is Only Part of the Revenue Management Cycle

What Top Radiology Information Systems All Have in Common

10 Tips to Grow Your Medical Practice in 2019

EMR vs. PMS: Integrated Together Increases Practice Efficiencies

The Advantages of an EHR Built for Innovation

46 States Don't Provide Adequate Insurance Coverage For Addiction Treatment

Report: Labs Contribute Majorly to Economy and Jobs

Pros and Cons of Telemedicine Software

6 Types of Radiology Information Handled by RIS

Why Your Substance Abuse Treatment Center Needs a Unified EHR and Billing Platform

Employ the Brilliance of AI to Maximize Your Revenue Cycle Management Process

What Is a Radiology Information System?

A Radiology Information System Delivering the Best ROI

Integrate and Utilize Technology to Increase Patient Responsibility Payments

Identify and Track the KPIs to Accelerate Your Revenue Cycle

What Is Electronic Prior Authorization, and Why Is It Important?

Could 2019 Be the Pivotal Year in Genetic/Genomic Testing?

The ADS Story [Infographic]

Understanding MIPS: What It Is and What It Means for Your Medical Practice

8 Benefits of Radiology Information Systems

7 Reasons Why You Should Modernize Your RCM System

Clinic Notes: Leave the Paper-Chase and the Countless-Clicks Behind

A Digital Assist for Healthcare

Basic Pros & Cons of Radiology Information Systems

What You Need To Know About MIPS MACRA 2019

How a Great EHR System & Patient Portal Helps Your Patients

15 Healthcare Podcasts You Need to Listen to

Future Trends in Telehealth and Telemedicine

Five Benefits of Keeping Electronic Health Records

Substance Abuse Billing Vs. Revenue Cycle Management

The 5 Things That Slow Down Laboratory Billing

President Signs New Law Allowing Telemedicine Prescribing of Controlled Substances: DEA Special Registration to Go Live

4 MACRA and MIPS Changes to Prepare for in 2019

Your Practice Needs Medical Billing Software for These 3 Reasons

EHRs Are In Every Lab’s DNA

6 FAQs About PQRS

5 Benefits of EHR Software You Might Not Be Taking Advantage Of

How an Electronic Prescription Works

A Healthcare CRM Should Have These Features

6 Benefits Medical Software Provides to Office Managers

4 Simple Steps for a Successful EHR Implementation

Healthcare News: August 2018 Edition

What Is Revenue Cycle Management Software?

6 FAQs About APMs

A Complete Walkthrough of the Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Steps

What Is Electronic Prescribing?

5 Qualities Small Practices Should Look for in Electronic Health Records Software

What Type of Lab Software Do You Need?

How to Compare EHR Systems to Find the Right One for Your Practice

The Importance of Medical Software in Today's Healthcare Practices

5 Pieces of Data that a Cloud Based EHR & PM System Can Help You Improve

5 Tactics to Help Market Your Healthcare Practice

5 Platforms to Boost Your Medical Practice’s Reach and Exposure

5 Tips on How to Leverage a Radiology Information System to Improve Your Practice

6 Keys to Building a Successful Patient Referral Program

4 Ways to Gauge Your Practice's Patient Engagement

What Patient Reviews Can Reveal About Your Practice

What is a Laboratory Billing System?

How to Avoid Expensive Medical Billing Mistakes

5 Ways a Patient Portal Will Improve Your Medical Practice

Here's How Laboratory Billing Software Can Help You Collect More Money

5 Medical Billing Tips to Maximize Patient Collections

5 Medical Software Features that Will Boost Revenue & Productivity

What Is an Accountable Care Organization?

A Brief Overview of Anesthesiology Practice Management Software

Top Questions to Ask When Looking for Medical Billing Software

What Is Transitional Care Management?

What Is Telemedicine?

The Top Healthcare Events & Conferences of 2018

EHR vs EMR: What are the Key Differences?

A Complete Overview of Orthopedic Software

Why is Population Health Important?

What Is Medical Billing?

Cloud-Based EHR vs. Client-Server EHR: 4 Key Differences

What is Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management?

A Complete Walk-Through of Alternative Payment Models (APMs)

5 Steps for Transitioning to Value-Based Care

What Is Meaningful Use?

5 Healthcare Basics that Medical Professionals Should Be Reviewing Constantly

5 Best Practices for Collecting Patient Payments

Why Your Ortho Practice Needs Orthopedic Practice Management Software

9 Healthcare Cyber Security Tips to Help Protect Your Data

What Is Patient Engagement in Healthcare?

10 FAQs About RCM Services

What Is Interoperability, and Why Is it Important?

Pros and Cons of Patient Access to Electronic Medical Records

What Are the Differences Between PACS, RIS, CIS, and DICOM?

Pros and Cons of a Radiology Information System

The Top Healthcare Events & Conferences of 2017

5 Valuable RIS Features You’re Not Taking Advantage Of

6 Practice Management Tools Successful Medical Practices Swear By

How Do EHR Systems Work?

7 Ways Outsourcing Your Medical Billing Will Benefit Your Practice

Why Your Behavioral Health Practice Needs Specialty-Specific Practice Management Software

Everything You Should Know About Pain Management Software

What The Future Might Hold For EHRs

24 Medical Acronyms & Terms Modern Practices Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know About Behavioral Health EHR Software

The Complete Guide to Medical Billing for Behavioral Health Practices

What Is a Radiology Information System?

Pros and Cons of Electronic Health Records

Top 5 Risks You May Encounter After an EHR Software Implementation

Why Your Practice Needs to Implement Radiology EMR Software

What is Practice Management Software?

The Best Electronic Medical Records Software Has These 5 Features

What MACRA Means for Your Radiology Practice

What Role Does EHR Software Play in Telemedicine?

How Certified EHR Software Can Help With MACRA Reporting Requirements

Why Value-Based Care Reimbursement, MACRA, are Here to Stay

How to Thrive With MACRA & MIPS – Expert Advice from Justin Barnes

How Electronic Prescribing Can Improve Your Practice

5 Qualities the Best Medical Billing Companies Have

8 Key Facts About MACRA

Your Top 5 Value-Based Care Questions -- Answered

Coordinating Healthcare Data Center Security, Cloud Security

Why A Cloud-Based EHR is Good for Your Patients

3 Steps to Master Your EHR Workflow

Medicare vs. Medicaid: Which is Better for Meaningful Use?

5 Features Your Mental Health EHR Should Have

Real-time Monitoring Key to Boosting Patient Satisfaction

How to Protect Your Practice from Ransomware Attacks

How Your Practice Can Reduce Data Entry Mistakes

Why Patient Engagement Should Be your First Focus

3 Ways to Prepare Your Practice for MIPS

3 Ways ACO Affiliation Can Cut Costs

How to Cash in on Patient Engagement

The Critical Role a Patient Portal Plays in your EHR Software

How EHRs Help Make Successful Accountable Care Organizations

3 Reasons Your Practice Needs to Prioritize Cyber Security

Why an EHR System Beats Paper-Based Systems Every Time

How to Increase Patient Portal Use in Your Practice

How to Transition from Fee-for-Service to Value-Based Reimbursement

The Pros and Cons of Telemedicine

What is Value-Based Care?

Why Cloud-Based Medical Software Simply Outperforms Old Technology

Emerging Ransomware Satana Encrypts Files and Blocks User Access

7 Apps to Boost Your Practice's Visibility

How A Cloud-Based EHR Helps Medical Practices Reduce Labor Expenses

6 Questions Every Medical Software Provider Should Be Able to Answer

MACRA, What's That? Half of Doctors Don't Know, Deloitte Says

How to Manage More Patients with Fewer Resources

What is Ransomware?

Lower Your Practice's Denial Rate with These 3 Tips

4 Best Practices for Implementing a Telemedicine Program

Is Your EHR Software Holding Your Practice Back?

Healthcare Innovation: How 2016 Trends Are Already Evolving

3 Ways to Remove the Risk of a Healthcare Data Breach

How to Decide if Switching EHR Providers is Right for You

Are You Making These 3 Medical Billing Mistakes?

Report Highlights 3 Insights Into Scaling Up Population Health

The True Cost of Bad Medical Office Software

How to Get the Right Data from Your EHR Software

5 Reasons Why Your Medical Billing Process is Inefficient

4 Technology Trends that Indicate a Healthy Practice

6 Ways to Streamline RCM Processes

Why Physicians Must Develop A Mobile Technology Strategy

7 Smart Ways Physicians Can Stay Motivated All Day

4 Ways to Ensure Your Medical Practice is Making a Good First Impression

Get the Most Out of Your Electronic Health Records System with These 3 Tips

MIPS: The ‘death knell’ for small practices?

5 Important Things Every Physician Needs to Know About MACRA

How to Collect Patient Feedback and Use it to Improve Your Practice

What is Chronic Care Management?

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Outsourced RCM

5 Important Questions to Ask Your EHR References

What are MACRA, MIPS, & APM?

One Simple Secret for Boosting Patient Referrals

Why It's Time to Prioritize Patient Engagement

Survey Finds Hospital Executives Increasing Focus on Patient Expectations and Engagement

Is a Cloud-Based EHR and Practice Management Solution Right for You?

How Educating Your Patients Can Improve Your Care for Them

Are You Making These Top 5 Healthcare IT Mistakes?

3 Steps to Take to Ensure Your EHR Software is Fully Optimized

How to Prevent Physician Burnout

4 Tips for Successful Meaningful Use Attestation

5 Big Benefits of Transitioning to an All-In-One EHR & PM Cloud Solution

Top 5 Ways to Optimize Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

The Difference Between Population Health & Public Health

3-Letter Acronyms You Need to Know: HIE, ACO, MSO, IPA, RCM

Boost Your Practice's Revenue with These Medical Billing Tips

Defining the Top 10 Terms of Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

The Importance of Reporting PQRS Data

3 Ways Patient Portals Can Improve Your Practice's Efficiency

4 Ways to Improve Quality Care with Chronic Care Management Services

Practices Should Focus On A Few Improvements with a New EHR

What Your Practice Should Know About Transitional Care Management

Telehealth and Telemedicine: Is There a Difference?

What is Population Health?

3 Change Management Strategies for Revenue Cycle Results

5 Steps to Building a Successful Patient Relationship

3 Tips to Ensure You're Keeping Your Patients' Data as Secure as Possible

How an EHR Can Help You Make Fewer Data Entry Mistakes

4 Ways to Fill Your Calendar with More Patients

How a Specialty-Specific EHR Sets You Apart from Other Practices

Why EHR Integration is Crucial for Digital Health Innovation

4 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Medical Practice

2 Main Reasons Why Electronic Claim Submission Leads to Faster Processing & Payment

Why e-Prescribing is Good for Your Physicians & Your Patients

Patient-Reported Data Can Help People Make Better Health Care Choices

Why Having Multiple Methods of Data Entry Within Your EHR is Extremely Efficient

3 Useful Integrations You Should Look to Include In Your Next EHR

3 RCM Trends You Can't Afford to Ignore

5 Traits to Look for When Hiring a Medical Practice Employee

7 Questions to Help Gauge Your Patient Engagement ROI

The 20 Most Strange ICD-10 Codes

Effective Patient Engagement Strategies Using Health IT

5 Common Medical Billing Questions & Their Answers

How to Overcome These Top Practice Management Challenges

6 Business Tips to Help Grow Your Practice This Year

3 Things You Didn't Know a Patient Portal Did

Are Your Patients Happy? Measure Their Happiness With These Ideas

4 Ways an EHR's Voice Recognition Feature Makes You More Efficient

[Excerpt] What are the Greatest Revenue Cycle Management Challenges?

3 Big Reasons Why E-Prescribing Beats Traditional Prescribing

What Patient Feedback Can Reveal About Your Practice

[Excerpt] Revenue Cycle Management a Post-ICD-10 Implementation Focus

8 Tips to Help You Choose a Medical Billing Software Provider

10 Success Tips from Experienced Doctors

How to Transition to Outsourced Medical Billing

Importance of Revenue Cycle Management in Healthcare Industry

5 Big RCM Trends to Watch For This Year

How to Save Hours of Time With an All-in-One EHR & PM Solution

3 Things You Need to Know About Medical Billing Today

The Patient Engagement Elements Your Patients Really Want

The Best Medical Professionals are Exceptional Listeners

Why Should Your Practice Have a Cloud-Based EHR?

Should You Outsource Your Medical Billing? 3 Things to Consider First

[Excerpt] 5 Claims Reimbursement Questions and Answers

Is a Cloud-Based EHR Appropriate for Your Practice?

[Excerpt] Cloud, Mobile Among Top EHR Trends To Watch In 2016

How to Prepare for a Cloud-Based EHR Integration

How to Utilize Healthcare Analytics to Strengthen Your Practice

What is a Cloud-Based EHR?

[Excerpt] Top 7 New Strategies for Revenue Cycle Management Excellence

6 Ways an Electronic Health Records System Improves Quality of Care

Cloud-Based EHR vs. Traditional EHR: 4 Key Differences

Exploring Health Record Evolution: Paper to Traditional EHR to Cloud-Based EHR

[Excerpt] Top 4 Strategies to Achieve Affordable Value-Based Care

3 Signs Your Behavioral Health Practice Needs a Behavioral Health EHR

[Excerpt] Why ICD-10 Denial is an Easy Electronic Health Record Fix

5 Tips to Help You Choose EHR for Dermatology

Why Your Paper-Based System is Slowing Your Practice Down

How To Hire The Best People for Your EHR Team

Why Your Medical Billing Software Should Include These 3 Features

The Benefits of EMR for Nephrology

Use of EHRs Shows Modest Benefits for Patients with AMI

5 Ways to Improve Your Medical Claims Billing Process

Recent Trends of Revenue Cycle Management Companies

How Your Practice can Benefit from Bed Management Software

Rethinking the EHR system: The Most Important Components

How to Plan a Successful EHR Implementation

3 Ways to Start Improving Your Patient Engagement Today

5 EHR Data Analytics You Aren't Paying Attention To

How to Connect with Your Practice and Access Data From Anywhere

5 Important Questions to Ask Your RCM Service Provider

The Core Purpose of Revenue Cycle Management Services

The Benefits of Cloud-Based & Transparent RCM Services

How to Create a Strategy Behind your EHR Analytics

[Infographic Sneak Peak] A Future Look at Revenue Cycle Management

The Importance of EHR Data Analytics

How EHR Software Improves Doctor-Patient Relationships

Why Your Practice Needs a Claims Denial Manager

The Benefits of EHR for Orthopedics

6 Characteristics Your Pediatric EHR Software Should Have

How to Gain Value from your EHR Analytics

Top 5 Risks During an EHR Implementation

How RCM Services Reduce Administrative Burdens

Eliminate Administrative Burdens With RCM Services

Can You Benefit from RCM Services?

How RCM Services Can Help with Patient Engagement

5 Signs You Need Specialized EHR Software

[Whitepaper Excerpt] 5 Predictions for ICD-10

The Pros of Having Mental Health EMR Software

How to Optimize the Business Side of Your Practice with RCM Services

5 Qualities Your RCM Vendor Should Have

5 Key Features of a Practice Management Software

3 Ways An RCM Company Will Help With The ICD-10 Transition

3 Medical Billing System Tools You Probably Don't Know About

Understanding Your Electronic Medical Records

3 Practice Management Software Insights Your Staff Needs to Know

Your Top 5 Medical Billing System Questions: Answered

3 Helpful Tools No Doctor Should Be Without

4 Ways Outsourcing Your Medical Billing Will Make You a Better Practice

Why Successful Doctors Prefer an EHR System Over Paper

6 Questions About Behavioral Health EHR You Should Be Asking

Weighing the Pros & Cons of Outsourcing Medical Billing

4 Things That Drive Patients Away

What Makes a Really Good Revenue Cycle Management Company?

A 4-Point Check-Up for your Revenue Cycle Management

[Whitepaper Excerpt] Practice Management for Your Anesthesiology Practice

10 Healthcare Influencers You Should Be Following on Twitter

Stage 3 Meaningful Use Ignores Market Realities, says Brookings

Healthcare Providers In Mad Dash Towards ICD-10

10 Statistics Every Physician Needs to Know

How Revenue Cycle Management Software Can Save Your Practice

How To Improve Your ICD-10 Game with a Code Converter

5 Things Your Patients Love to See

ICD-10: The Clock Is Ticking

Why All Medical Billing Software Companies Are Not Created Equal

5 Ways to Use EMR Software to Your Advantage

3 Ways to Find the Best Radiology Software for Your Practice

4 Features Medical Billing Companies Should Have

Why a ‘Safe Harbor’ ICD-10 Transition Period is Harmful

New to Electronic Health Records Software? Here's What You Need to Know

The Best Bed Management Software Advice for Physicians

5 Things to Look for When Researching EHR Software Vendors

3 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Mental Health EMR

[Whitepaper Excerpt] Engage, Retain, & Acquire Referring Physicians

Medical Data Exchange, Cloud Solutions Impact EHR Design

HIMSS Survey: Nurses ‘Won't Go Back To Paper'

4 Things to Look For When Researching Electronic Medical Records Companies

Why You Need a Podiatry EHR System

Get the Most Out of ICD-10 While Saving on Costs

4 Practice Management Software Tools Everyone Should Be Using

Strengthen Your EHR Data Security with These 4 Tips

How You Can Get the Most Out of Your EHR Data

4 Reasons To Take Your Medical Records To The Cloud

Five Facts to Know Before the ICD-10 Transition Deadline

ONC: Health IT Adoption, Use Has Improved Patient Safety

Improve Your Radiology Practice with this Advice

How EHR Software Can Bring Your Healthcare Practice from Good to Great

Medical Billing Software 101: Everything You Need to Know

3 Reasons to Consider Internal Medicine EMR Software

Why Connecting Your RIS Software with Your Referring Physician's EHR Software is Smart

4 Positive Outcomes You'll Gain When You Implement Healthcare Technology

What You Should Know About Stage 3 Meaningful Use

ICD-10: How to Avoid These 5 Costly Problems

5 Reasons Companies Should Care About Health Data Security

3 Tips for Physicians Who Want to Stay Relevant

How Helping Your Staff Can Also Help Your Patients

The Meaningful Use Stage 3 API Talk Won’t Matter if the Tech Isn’t Ready

The Best EMR Software Has These 5 Features

Why Behavioral/Mental Health Really Needs EHRs

[Whitepaper Excerpt] The Importance of Patient Engagement & Why You Need It

5 Steps to an Even Better Medical Practice

4 Things Great Medical Professionals Do in Difficult Times

ICD-10 Preparedness Disconnect Found

Why Your Paper Records are Holding You Back from Giving the Best Patient Care

How to Use Patient Portals to Delight Your Patients

CMS Finds ICD-10 Testing Successful

Multiple Tax IDs: Get More Revenue With Fewer Clicks

With ICD-10, It's Survival of the Prepared, Expert Says

Making ICD-10 Training Fun at Your Medical Practice

3 Things You Need to Know About e-Prescribing

How to Save Hours of Time with Practice Management Software

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Software Provider for Your Practice

CMS Mulls Easing Meaningful Use Rules

Getting Staff Back on Track, and Why it Matters for ICD-10

3 Things Holding Your Practice Back from Better Patient Care

The Best EHR Advice for Oncology Practices

3 Rules for Addressing Angry Patients More Successfully

Want to Improve Your Medical Staff? Give Them These 5 Things

3 Powerful Ways to Improve Your RIS

3 Steps to Take Your Oncology Practice from Good to Great

How to Keep Your Best Doctors & Nurses from Getting Burnt Out

Every Oncologist Should Focus on These 4 Things

[Whitepaper Excerpt] Impact of Transitioning From ICD-9 to ICD-10

CMS Releases Results from ICD-10 Acknowledgement Testing Week

What's the Most Significant Change When Switching from ICD-9 to ICD-10?

How Software Should Comprehensively Manage Any Dermatology Practice

Benefits of Implementing Electronic Health Records in Correctional Facilities

How Software Should Comprehensively Manage Any Ophthalmology Practice

More Hospitals Moving to Improved EHRs, CMS Reports

How Radiology-Specific Software Can Maximize Revenue and Keep Referrers Referring

How the Correct Software Can Help with Inpatient Bed Management Requirements

How Voice-to-Text Data Entry During Report Transcribing Can Revolutionize Your Practice

3 Benefits of Using Electronic Superbills in a Non-EHR Environment

The Only Things You Need for Perfecting Your ICD-10 Readiness

EHRs May Help Reduce Significant Number of Undiagnosed Diabetes Cases

3 Ways Electronic Health Records Keep Patients Safe

[Excerpt] Electronic Health Records to Result in Billion Dollar Savings by 2019

4 Ways Hospitals Can Reduce Readmission Rates with EHR Software

How EHRs Can Help with Ebola Screening

5 Signs You're Ready for ICD-10

How to Gain a Competitive Edge During Your ICD-10 Preparation

3 Ways to Constantly Improve Your Patient Care

3 Outdated Medical Habits & Practices You Can Stop Doing Today

One Big Thing Every Medical Practice Needs to Do

[Excerpt] Cloud Security And What It Means For Our Health

[Excerpt] Study: Electronic Health Records Rising Fast

[Infographic Sneak Peek] ICD-10 Readiness

ICD-10: Not One But Two Deadlines Coming in 2015

Top 5 Reasons to Utilize EHR Software with a Patient Portal

Preparing for ICD-10: Everything You Need for the Transition

Protecting Revenue Cycles in the ICD-10 Transition

How Implementing an Updated RIS Will Change Your Radiology Practice

3 Problems an EHR System Will Help Solve

What is Practice Management Software, Really?

Why ICD-10 Timing is Everything

4 ADSC Tools Your Business Can't Live Without

3 Weekly Habits That Will Improve Your Medical Staff's Productivity

How EHRs Will Produce Big Benefits in the Long Run

Study: Primary-Care Clinics Realize Positive ROI from EHRs

External ICD-10 Early Bird Test Reservations Give Strategic Advantage

How Your Software Vendor Can Make ICD-10 Compliance Simple

Still Haven't Started ICD-10? Here's How

Top 5 Features of Medical Billing Software

How Do EHR Systems Work?

Four Key Components to ICD-10 Budgets for 2015

EMR's Lower Operating Costs and Increase Hospitals' Efficiency

How to Move Beyond ICD-9

3 Ways ICD-10 is Reshaping Healthcare

What You Don't Know About ICD-10 May Hurt You

Why ICD-10 Testing is Beneficial for Your Practice

5 Things Great Medical Practices Have in Common

3 Ways Revenue Cycle Management Will Make You a Better Practice

Are Clinicians Ready for ICD-10 Documentation Requirements?

Physician Readiness Should Be a Major Focus of ICD-10 Prep

How to Improve Your Next Patient Visit in 5 Simple Steps

4 Difficult Things Every Medical Professional Can Relate To

5 Things Really Great Doctors Refuse to Do

How to Give Your Patients Exactly What They Want

How to Preserve Patient Relationships in the Busy Work World

How Should You Educate Your Patients on Health IT?

ADSC to Attend AHRA Annual Meeting

3 Things To Do While Waiting for ICD-10

Whitepaper Excerpt: 3 Vital Things You Should Know About RIS Software

4 Steps for Putting Electronic Health Records Into Action

3 EHR Tips Every Medical Practice Needs to Know

5 Questions Every Doctor Should Be Able to Answer

5 Expert Predictions for the Healthcare Industry in 2015

Whitepaper Excerpt: 3 Vital Things You Should Know About RIS Software

Why It's Time to Prioritize Your RIS Software

The 3 Biggest Reasons Medical Practices Fail to Maximize their Revenue

Whitepaper Excerpt: 3 Vital Things You Should Know About RIS Software

5 Tips for Handling Difficult Patients

How Practice Management Can Improve Your Office

8 Quick Tips For Using RIS

Whitepaper Excerpt: RIS Success Stories

Information Typically Found in Electronic Medical Records

ICD and DSM Coding: What’s the Difference?

Whitepaper Excerpt: The Benefits of Connecting RIS Software

Ebook Excerpt: Medical Billing Software & ICD-10

6 Ways to Help Your Practice Transition to ICD-10

Improve Your Doctor-Patient Relationships with Patient Portals

8 Ways Practice Management Software Helps Your Patient Experience

Questions to Ask Before Choosing an EHR

How Using RIS Software can Save Your Practice Money

5 Reasons Patient Portals Can Lead to Better Health

Assigning System Roles to Your EHR and Why it is Important

Implementing ICD-10 without Losing Your Cash Flow

Preparing for ICD-10: Conduct the Proper Training

Benefits of Connecting Radiology Software to EHR Software

5 Features Your RIS Software Should Have

Tips to Make Your Patients Fall in Love with Your Practice

Tips on Selecting or Upgrading an EHR System

What Features Should Your EHR Have for Pain Management?

How to Keep Your Practice Independent Without Being Alone

What Are the Benefits of EHR for the Patient?

5 Ways to Improve your RIS Software Efficiency

ROI for Patient Portals

5 Reasons Why Electronic Health Records are More Secure than Paper Records

Excerpt: The Perfect 10: Planning an ICD-10 Conversion

6 Useful Apps for Healthcare Professionals

Accelerate the Claims Process with Practice Management Software

Why Cloud-Based EHRs Make Financial Sense

How Simple EHR Tools Can Be Used to Engage and Educate Patients

How Is EHR Software Improving Public Health?

How to Avoid EHR Software Productivity Dips

How ICD-10 Training Can Affect Your Practice

Is Mobile EHR Software the Future of Medical Billing?

Excerpt: The Perfect 10: Planning an ICD-10 Conversion

Pain Management EHR Software Features

How a Workflow Analysis Can Help You Successfully Implement EHR Software

Generating a Stage 2 Meaningful Use Plan Before the Deadline

Electronic Health Records: Front-and-Back Office Best Practices

Increasing Demand for Cloud-Based EHR Software

Pros and Cons of EHR Software

ICD-10: Precise Documentation Can Maximize ROI

Point-and-Click vs. Voice-Driven EHR Software

What Effect Does EHR Software Have on Compliant Medical Billing?

Do I Really Need a Patient Portal for My EHR Software?

The 5 Biggest Questions about Stage 2 Meaningful Use

Stage 2 Meaningful Use: Why it's Important for Your EHR Software

Whitepaper Excerpt: The Benefits of Connecting RIS Software

What Is Stage 2 Meaningful Use for EHR Software?

Top 5 Reasons to Utilize EHR Software with a Patient Portal

Is Your EHR Software Stage 2 Meaningful Use Ready?

How Does MedicsRx EHR Software Improve Patient Safety?

Three Things You May Not Know About EHR Software for Family Medicine

What are the Benefits of Using MedicsDocAssistant EHR Software for OB/GYN?

How Can EHR Software for Neurology Help Your Practice?

5 Interesting Facts about Medical Billing Software

5 Things to Look for in Practice Management Software

Top 5 Features to Add to Your EHR Software

Can a RIS System Improve My Practice?

EHR Software Meaningful Use and How It Affects You

5 Ways Practice Management Software Will Help You

Why Your Office Needs Practice Management Software

Will Behavioral Health EHR Software Benefit My Practice?

How Clients Benefit from Practice Management Software

How Vendor Stability Factors into EHR Software

How an Experienced EHR Software Vendor Can Help You

Text Recognition and Electronic Health Records

Why Finding the Perfect Specialty EHR Software Is Important

Whitepaper Excerpt: 13 Essential Steps to Becoming ICD-10 Compliant

Does Medical Billing Software Really Affect My Bottom Line?

Ebook Excerpt: Medical Billing Software and ICD-10

Why Choosing the Right EHR Software is Vital to Your Practice

Whitepaper Excerpt: The Beginner's Guide to EHR Meaningful Use

Do Internal Medicine Practices Need EHR?

Five Cardiology EHR Specific Features

Whitepaper Excerpt: Six Must Have Features for Behavioral Health EHR

How to be Successful with EHR Software

Three Things You Need in Behavioral Health EHR Software

How Electronic Health Records Have Changed

Three Things You Did Not Know About Radiology Information Systems

Five Best Practices for EHR Implementation

Whitepaper Excerpt: Six Must Have Features for Behavioral Health EHR

Medical Billing Software and ICD-10 Compliance

ICD-10 Facts: The Breakdown

Another Reason Why Your Practice Needs EHR

How Behavioral Health EHR Improves Practices

Top Questions to Ask When Looking for Medical Billing Software

The Benefits of Electronic Health Records for Podiatrists

Whitepaper Excerpt: Increase Revenue and Efficiency with EHR

Using Behavioral Health EHR to Capture and Report Clinical Quality Measures

The Advantage of Behavioral Health EHR for Addictions Professionals

Three Things You Did Not Know About Online Medical Billing

Ob/Gyn EHR Software: Why You Need It

How Switching RIS Software Can Save Money

Three Things You Did Not Know About Specialty EHR

What are EHR Incentive Payments and Why You Should Care?

The Top Five Features of Practice Management Software

What Healthcare Providers Need To Know About Meaningful Use

5 Ways Medical Billing Software Can Benefit Cardiologists

5 Ways Medical Billing Software Can Benefit Pain Management Practices

What to Look for in a Mental Health EHR

Whitepaper Excerpt: The Beginner's Guide to EHR Meaningful Use

5 Benefits of Using EHR For Behavioral Health Practices

How Can Behavioral Health Software Help My Practice

Does My Practice Need RIS Software?

5 Things to Look For in Ob Gyn EMR Software

5 Reasons to Implement Internal Medicine Electronic Health Records

How Online Medical Billing Software Saves You Money

Does My Practice Need Online Medical Billing Software

5 Ways RIS Software Will Improve Your Practice

How Pain Management Software Helps Your Practice and Your Clients

5 Reasons to Utilize Podiatry EHR Software

What Are the Benefits to Becoming ICD-10 Compliant

Why Your Practice Needs Behavioral Health EHR Software

Does Your Practice Need EMR Software

Does my practice need to be ICD-10 compliant?

How EMR Software Can Change Your Medical Practice

Top 5 Features of Medical Billing Software

Top 5 Reasons to Utilize EMR Software

How ICD-10 Compliance Benefits Your Medical Practice

Why Use Electronic Medical Records Software

Why Use Medical Billing Software

5 Ways EHR Software Saves You Money

ICD-10 is Coming. Are You Ready?

What is Stage 2 Meaningful use?

Improve Your Medical Practice with EHR Software

Your Top 5 EHR Meaningful Use Questions Answered

Streamline your practice with Medics FlowText™

5 Reasons Why You Need a Radiology Information System (RIS)

10 Ways Practice Management can Streamline your Medical Practice

Stay connected to your patients with EHR software and PatientPortal

Features EHR Can Provide Behavioral Health Practices

How Surgery Can Benefit From EHR

How Rheumatologists Can Benefit From EHR

Benefits of Implementing EHR for Radiologists

How EHR Can Benefit Pulmonologists

How EHR Can Benefit Your Orthopedics Office

How EHR Can Benefit Your Urology Office

The Benefits of Using EHR For Podiatry

How Pain Management Practices Can Benefit From EHR

How Practice Management Software Enhances Patient Care

EHR For Opthalmology

EHR For Ob/Gyn

EHR For Neurology

EHR For Internal Medicine

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